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Hi! I'm Joel Marc.
Born on the 17th of February in the year of the Rooster.

I'm currently enrolled at the University of the Philippines Los Banos under degree program B.S. Chemical Engineering.

If possible, I would have pursued a visual-arts related course. If you're wondering why I'd choose B.S. Chemical Engineering instead of pursuing an art course, it's because of the money. See, I'm not from wealthy family that's why I have to pursue a career which will pay me with the cut I deserve. And also, the "Engineer" title is very pleasant in the ears, don't you think? Although I have future plans on pursuing an art course after graduating.

I love to cook. I love to eat. I like the idea of playing as an alchemist when I'm cooking! I really like experimenting with the various cooking ingredients. So far, all my experiments turned out successful!

I love drawing. I love photography. I love watching animes and reading mangas. My childhood was full of fantasies materialized in those piece of entertainment. And yes, my drawings are inspired by these Japanese Cultures. Check out my first solo project 「SKETCH」! Visit my deviantART page and Facebook page!

I love to play games in my NDSi and N3DS. I have three more Nintendo handheld console: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. My favorite GBA games are: 「sword of mana」, 「Final Fantasy Tactics Advance」, 「Final Fantasy 6」, and so on. My favorite NDSi games are: 「Final Fantasy Tactics A2」, 「Super Scribblenauts」, 「Mario Kart DS」, 「Atelier Annie」, and so on. My favorite N3DS games are: 「Scribblenauts Unlimited」, 「Mario Kart 7」, and the 「AR Games」.

Also a fan of Yuki Kajiura's music be it a J-Pop song, an English song, a Kajiurago song, or a plain instrumental song. I discovered Yuki Kajiura's music when I was still watching 「Tsubasa Chronicle」. I was really addicted to epic soundtrack and the song 「tsubasa」 sung by 「FictionJunction KAORI」. I was looking for more info about the "FictionJunction" when I learned that it is Yuki Kajiura herself plus the vocalist Kaori Oda. After that, I started listening to her other compositions... I found out that she composed some songs for 「Mobile Suit Gundam SEED」, 「Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny」, and 「Shonen Onmyouji」. After all this time, I was actually listening to her compositions and didn't know about her. Hahaha. I'm now following her current projects particulary 「FictionJunction」 project, 「Kalafina」 project, and anime soundtracks compositions.

I'm also a proud laurant! I discovered 「Sound Horizon」 around the same time I started collecting Yuki Kajiura stuff; especially 「Dream Port」. I was surprised to know KAORI also participated with the band; I saw the credits on one of the videos I used to watch in youtube. I really love Revo's, the 「Sound Horizon」 Kingdom's "King", compositions and music style. My favorite horizon is 「Moira」 because I really love harmonies and Greek stories. Right now, I'm listening to his other project 「Linked Horizon」.

I wrote this blog just for fun! Sometimes, it's better to share my thought this way.

My ultimate wish is to be happy.

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