Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two New Blogs!

Hi! I was planning for a long time ago to make two other blogs separate to this blog; intended for my music fandom and for my solo visual arts project.

The first blog is titled SKETCH. This blog is where I'll be posting ALL of my drawings; by "all", it means everything including those with NSFW 18+ tags. (*゜ะด゜*) I have two other sites where I post my drawings: at my Facebook Page SKETCH and at my deviantART Gallery. Of course, there's no way I will post mature content on my Facebook page; unless I censor it by covering the controversial parts which is too boring IMHO. However, I can post mature content on my deviantART gallery. BUT there's a limitation to not posting male erections and sexual penetrations; that would be too boring again, right?

So that's the reason I created this blog.

Another blog I created is titled MUSIKA Review. This blog is intended for posting reviews and news from my favorite music composer, YUKI KAJIURA; this blog also includes news and reviews for related artists such as KAORI ODA, Linked Horizon, Sound Horizon, YUUKA NANRI, ASUKA, and so on.

So what will happen to this blog?

Well, I'm intending to use this blog to document what's happening in my life; my family and school life specifically.

That's all!

God Bless us!

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