Friday, February 8, 2013

TRANSLATION: "kaori's melody: 1st Album PLACE 発売!!"

Did you already buy your own copy? Just asking \(^0^ ).

Anyways, after the long wait, KAORI's album is finally out in the market. I'll do a review on the songs later. 

This is a [rough] translation on the blog post made by KAORI prior to the release of her album. She visited many stores who's currently selling her album.

Hopefully, lots of people will buy. I wanna listen to more KAORI on the future, so let's all support her with this giant leap in her career! 

NOTE: Translation in gray color place directly below the original text. Some lines were left unstranslated.


1st Album PLACE 発売!!
1st Album PLACE released!!


The announcement of heavy snow over Kanto was out in the news, was everyone okay??

そんな中、無事に織田かおり1st Album 『PLACE』が発売されました.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚
On the other hand, today is the launching of my 1st Album 『PLACE』.

Though it was supposed to snow, it only rained! I'm so happy

Today, I went to introduce myself to the a lot of stores selling my album.

~Animate Akihabara Branch~


~Animate Ikebukuro Branch~

~Tower Records Shinjuku Branch~

~Animate Shinjuku Branch~

~Animate Shibuya Branch~

~Tower Records Shibuya Branch~

Every staff in the stores were really nice.
アニメイト秋葉原店・吉岡さん、 ステラワース・川村さん、アニメイト池袋店・大工園さん、タワレコ新宿店・中澄さん、アニメイト新宿店・甲斐さん、アニメイト渋谷店・田畑さん、嶌さん、タワレコ渋谷店・滝野さん!
Thanks to... (She's basically giving thanks to the persons in each picture.)

Come and check out the autographed posters and my messages on each store ♪

I couldn't have done all of this alone.

This is the result of everyone's [the staff, song writers, etc.] work and everyone who supported us.

Oda Kaori 『PLACE』 , Thank you!!

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