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REVIEW: SWORD ART ONLINE Original Soundtrack

NOTE: Again, I'm not giving any download links. So if you want a copy, go search elsewhere. I only give download links to exclusive releases. Thank you!

It's been a while since the last soundtrack release by Yuki Kajiura; The last one before this was the second part of 「Fate/Zero」's sountrack.

I started watching 「SWORD ART ONLINE」 after Yuki Kajiura announced that she'll be doing the soundtrack. The first episode was quite enjoyable. Well, I'm a fan of JRPG that's why I can relate to the anime because the theme revolves around playing MMOJRPG.

What also made me motivated to watch the show is that REMI, popularly known as a member of Revo's 「Sound Horizon」, will be providing vocals for the soundtrack. I really love REMI's voice. I actually wished REMI to work for Yuki Kajiura. Now, that wish was granted. #sohappy.


The original soundtrack was again bundled with the limited edition BD of the anime. -sigh- I've been wanting a standalone OST for a long time. By the minute, the way they sell Yuki's OST is getting worst.The pattern... SO FAR.

「Kara no Kyoukai」 - OST bundled with the DVD release. Included the credits for the whole soundtrack and not for each song.

「Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica」 - OST bundled with the BD only release. Included the credits for each song... but some mismatch with the credits especially the third volume of the soundtrack.

「Fate/Zero」 - OST bundled with -sigh- BD box! Included the credits for the whole soundtrack and not for each song.

「SWORD ART ONLINE」 - OST bundled again with the BD only release. No other credits for the soundtrack but Yuki Kajiura.

Hah! The only SMEJ released of Yuki Kajiura soundtrack which is a stand alone and included proper crediting is her 「Rekishi Hiwa Historia」 soundtracks.


Anyways, enough with the ranting.

Since this is not a standalone, here's the Limited BD cover:

Here's the tracklist:
1. swordland
          Vocal: REMI, Tokyo Konsei
2. feel uneasy s
3. everyday life
4. quiet strain s
5. no way s
6. stand at bay
7. weird place s
8. survive the swordland
9. taut nerves s
10. a tense situation
11. a strategy meeting s
12. in your past
13. march down
14. left in suspense
15. we have to defeat it
          Vocal: REMI
          Chorus: Tokyo Konsei
16. at our parting
17. confront battle
18. at our parting -piano only
19. luminous sword
          Vocal: REMI
20. at our parting -vc only
21. a close battle
22. a tender feeling
23. a narrow escape
          Chorus: REMI
24. he rules us
          Chorus: Tokyo Konsei
25. fight!!!
26. a tiny love
27. smile for me
28. gracefully
29. a squabble
30. with my friend
31. the first town
          Vocal: REMI
32. at nightfall
33. despaired

My review:
I actually enjoyed the whole soundtrack. One thing I notice about the soundtrack is that there are lots of SFX music. Generally, SFX music is not a bad thing. But there are lots. As in lots. And they were place in succession starting from 「feel uneasy」.

There's also a lot of rendition of the main theme 「swordland」. Actually, the main theme itself is similar to 「Fate/Zero」's 「rule the battlefield」. You can hear a fragment of the main theme on 「survive the swordland」 and 「in your past」, to name a few. This song has two parts, REMI's and Tokyo Konsei's part. Actually, the instrumental parts for both parts were kinda repeated. REMI started it with her majestic voice... Ahhhh she's so good. The second part features Tokyo Konsei. They were good as well. I think this is my most loved Tokyo Konsei track so far. What intrigued me is that the anime version feature them in reverse; Tokyo Konsei's part first before REMI's part.

The next vocal song is 「we have to defeat it」. This sounded like a typical Yuri Kasahara and Tokyo Konsei song but the female voice is younger so I think this is REMI's operatic voice. Very enjoyable especially the instrumental part. The string!!! The string \(^0^ )

My most awaited vocal song is REMI's 「luminous sword」. It's a generic Yuki Kajiura battle theme music but I still kinda love it because of REMI. She also did the chorus for the song, btw. I really love her voice in this music. This song is also one of the generic type of songs to be included in Yuki Kajiura LIVEs so I'm crossing my finger on hearing FictionJunction performing this; My bet that it would be Yuriko as main vocal. Although inviting REMI for the LIVE is also a a dream, nee? BTW the string was great!

The fourth vocal song is 「a narrow escape」. It features REMI on the chorus of a techno song. If you've been listening to non-Yuki Kajiura soundtracks that featured REMI, you can see that this song is similar to those. The wailing voice is overwhelming. I actually want Kajiura to make songs like this in the future. Of course, more REMI puhlease! If you want to hear more REMI songs like this, you can listen to 「Fairy Tail」's and 「SHIKI」's soundtracks.

The fifth vocal song is 「he rules us」. The instrumental was good. This would be similar to 「Fate/Zero」's 「you are my King」. Albeit, I kinda like this one better. Strings again FTW! At least this has no flute. I don't actually like flutes although flute is the only instrument I can play.

The last vocal song is 「the first town」. Actually, I never heard the vocal part of this song in the anime. As in never. I hated the staff for that. Why not include the vocal part?!!?! That was eargasmic, you know! Uhhh. Anyways, this is another strings music. The vocal part was sung by REMI. I also think this a typical song to be included in Yuki Kajiura LIVEs. The song kinda fitted 「Rekishi Hiwa Historia」, don't ya think?

I was expecting more songs such as 「fight!!!」. With more piano etc. But we got strings instead. Strings were good, IMHO. I hated the fact that some songs were not utilized especially 「luminous sword」 and 「the first town」. What were they thinking? This is just so wrong. Now, I do hope that there are also REMI songs for the second volume of the soundtrack.

Well, I do hope some song would appear in the next Yuki Kajiura LIVE coming this May! Also, more REMI songs puhlease? Yuki Kajiura, please? Thanks!

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  1. Lol thanks for this article - it was really helpful to me, I just discovered Sword Art Online and was looking all over the place for details about the soundtrack(composer, vocals, blabla) How did you get the stuff on REMI and Tokyo Konsei? Are you able to read japanese news or something? :D