Friday, January 11, 2013

Curriculum Vitae of Jose Rizal + Rants

Done with the paper works and done with the editing! Finally, the final draft for the curriculum vitae!

It was kinda fun learning new things 'bout our National Hero. Jose Rizal, you're the man!

Supposedly, this project is to be submitted last January 9. We went to class and received an earful of rants 'bout being irresponsible.

I'm not irresponsible.

We were supposed to be INVITED in the facebook group but nobody invited me. Nobody invited the rest of the ten students from the class.

I tried searching for an existing PI10 A-5R group but none came out.

Fortunately, our teacher gave us a second chance to avail the points for this project... but with a ten points deduction. That's a total of 40 points maximum grade!


I would like to thanks my Mom for giving me this book. It really helped me with listing the articles of Rizal from La Solidaridad. 


Ito na yung CV na ginawa ko.


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  1. very impressive salamat sa inspiration! :)