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Yuuka Nanri 2nd Live "LIVE ON!" on Blu-ray&DVD

Yuuka Nanri, popularly known as the voice of the unit FictionJunction YUUKA, had recently started her solo career under FlyingDog label. Just recently, she released a mini album titled  「LIVE ON!」 in which the title song was used as the theme for the MMORPG 「Arc Frontier」.

In commemoration for the release, two concerts were performed. More info below.

Note: Rough Translations are italicized and in lower cased just below the original text.

2nd Live “LIVE ON!”のBlu-ray&DVD 2013年2月20日発売決定!  
The Blu-ray&DVD of the 2nd Live "LIVE ON!" will be released on 2012/02/20!

行われた2nd Live“LIVE ON!”のBlu-ray&DVDが
10/08 at umedaAKASO, Osaka
10/13 at Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo
The Blu-ray&DVD of the 2nd Live "LIVE ON!"
will be released on 2013/02/20!

The live concert from Tokyo will be the one include!
The Blu-ray will include all songs while the DVD will only include 8 selected songs.

Release date on 2013/02/20

南里侑香“LIVE ON!”赤坂BLITZ 2012.10.13 Full Collection
VTZL-54 \7,770 (tax in)
Yuuka Nanri "LIVE ON!" Akasaka BLITZ 2012.10.13 Full Collection
7770 (tax included)

● 収録内容
01.LIVE ON!/02.アイ・マイ・ミー…mine/03. 暁の車
04.月導 -Tsukishirube-/05.サヨナラ/06.snow wind
07.Usual Place/08.雫 -shizuku-/09.雨の散歩道
10.My Favorite Things/11.あなたと私のうた/12.Dear
13.Inter mission/14.Heartバイブル/15.春風によせて
16.end of loop/17. 嵐の勇者(ヒーロー)/18.輝跡 –kiseki-
19.Andante アンダンテ/EC1.nowhere/EC2.STELLAR
01. LIVE ON!
02. I・my・me...mine
03. Akatsuki no Kuruma
04. 月導 -Tsukishirube-
05. Sayonara
06. snow wind
07. Usual Place
08. 雫 -shizuku-
09. Ame no Sanpo Michi
10. My Favorite Things
11. Anata to Watashi no Uta
12. Dear
13. Inter mission
14. Heart Bible
15. Harukaze ni Yosete
16. end of loop
17. Arashi no Hero
18. 輝跡 -kiseki-
19. Andante
EC1. nowhere

●特典映像 (収録時間:約30分)
●Bonus Clip (30 min duration)
Making-of footage and the documentation of the Osaka performance

●CD アニメーション映像「流れ星レンズ」
●CD Animation Film 「流れ星レンズ」
Special Collaboration Song 「STELLAR」

南里侑香“LIVE ON!”赤坂BLITZ 2012.010.13 Select 8 Songs
VTBL-25 \3,150 (tax in)
Yuuka Nanri "LIVE ON!" Asakusa BLITZ 2012.10.13 Select 8 Songs
3150 (tax included)

01.LIVE ON/02.月導 –Tsukishirube-/03.雫 –shizuku-
04.春風によせて/05.end of loop/06.輝跡 –kiseki-
07.Andante アンダンテ/08.STELLAR
01. LIVE ON!
02. 月導 -Tsukishirube-
03. 雫 -shizuku-
04. Harukaze ni Yosete
05. end of loop
06. 輝跡 -kiseki-
07. Andante


If I were you, I would definitely get the BD.
  • One, because more songs are included in the BD. 
  • Two, because Yuki Kajiura's compositions, 「Akatsuki no Kuruma」 and 「nowhere」, are included. 
  • Three, because Yoko Kanno's composition, 「My Favorite Things」 is included. 
  • Four, three of the songs in the DVD were already seen live on 「LIVE ON!」 mini album. 
  • Fifth, the b-side of Yuuka's 「odyssey」 single is included. 
  • Sixth, I may be wrong but some tiaraway songs were also included. 
  • Seventh, there are two bonus items included in the BD release.
  • Lastly, Takumi Ozawa's compositions are the only songs included on the DVD.

Takumi Ozawa does the chorus for most of the songs. I wonder if they retained the chants in nowhere. I wanted to see Kaori Nishina though. Kaori Nishina did most of the chorus in Yuuka's solo singles; the title songs only.

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