Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Who am I?"

This is my final draft for my PSY 1 paper. Grabe lang.. Sobrang Hirap mag-isip nung mga ilalagay. Dahil gusto ko lang gumala ngayon araw na ito, pinagpuyatan o ito kagabi (12.12.12). Eto medyo pangit lang ang output pero go na!
Who’s the best person who can tell about me but me, right? Well, most of the time, that’s true. So what’s the real score with my relationship with myself?

These are the results of the survey conducted during our PSY 1 class. These, supposedly, will help me answer the question “Who am I?”. However, I believe that this question relies majorly on one’s self-concept which is really subjective in nature; other people’s opinion on me may or may have not affected my score on this survey.

For the Locus of Control survey, I got a score of 16 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Locus of Control. I agree that I belong to this category. Sometimes I believe that chance determines my destiny, sometimes not. Back when I was still in high school, I used to think I have a very strong good luck because I get to achieve something without exerting too much effort or without over-thinking about it at all; unlike most of the people around me. I believed I must be one of the favored sons of the Gods. Hahaha! Yes, I used to think that way. However, I soon realized that that kind of thinking is rather irrational and immature-ish. I don’t want to depend on luck forever because I also wanted to prove that I can achieve something with my efforts alone. Now in college, especially during the online enlistment for subjects, I still believe that luck played a role on me getting all the required units I needed for that particular semester. I must still be one of the favored sons of the Gods \(^0^ ). Sometimes, on exams too! There was this case last sem where I had this really difficult major exam made by one of our department’s terror teacher. I was already answering the multiple choice part; however, the choices ranged from A to Z. There were five items under the multiple choice part with only two more left unanswered; I skipped it and and answered the easier parts of the exam. On the last minute of submission of exam papers, I used my calculator’s random number generator and started choosing possible answers from the pool of choices… and surprisingly, I got a perfect score for the multiple choice part. I didn’t know how I did it. I just thought I was really lucky at that time. However, most of the time, I simply don’t resort to luck especially (well mostly) on my academic career and on my thesis.

For the Self-Esteem survey, I got a score of 8 which falls to the range of having an Average Self-Esteem. Somehow, I disagree with this one. Whenever I achieve success on something, I feel really good about myself because I know that I deserve it and that my efforts weren’t in vain. On the other deeper meaning of success, I just want to be recognized by a lot of people that’s why I’m really happy when someone associate me with something that is of worth. I specially feel good whenever people praise my drawing skills. Yes, I really love to draw and I’ve been developing my own technique three years ago; it’s still incomplete, though. I feel good whenever people say something good about my drawings because somehow, they are indirectly telling me to keep up the good work or something like that.

For the Self-Monitoring survey, I got a score of 12 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Self-monitoring. I agree that I belong to this category. I only get to be attuned on impressions on certain social situations when it is warranted. On weddings, when I’m part of the ceremony, I follow the required dress code. However, if I’m not a part of the ceremony, I only wear my casual shirt and jeans and “branded” slippers. Back when I was still in elementary especially during the inter-school competitions, we are required to wear complete uniform and that includes the black shoes. On ordinary school days, slippers will suffice.

For the Self Presentation Strategies survey, I got the highest score for the Intimidation Strategy. I agree that I really belong to those who use this as their Projected Image. My friends always tell me how I give off the unapproachable, irritable, demonic gaze every time. I thought they were just teasing me until I started asking some of my classmates on their impressions on me; surprisingly, yes they really do find me intimidating… physically. I usually just laughed it off but I was eventually bothered because I don’t want people to think of me as someone like that because I’m really not. However, I learned that I can use this to my advantage on some situations. I really don’t like being the leader for a group project/activity. However, sometimes, someone has to be the leader. Yes, sometimes, I’m the leader. Whenever this happens, I see to it that my group mates follow everything I tell them to do. I speak using a louder and deeper voice and usually make an eye-to-eye contact followed by a raise on my left eye brow. However, whenever I use this strategy, I see to it that I don’t make them uncomfortable whenever I’m around.

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