Monday, December 17, 2012

REMI 「Fairy Dance」

This is a relatively old topic. I wanted to make a new post about this earlier this year but I was too lazy. Anyways, I was really overjoyed to learn that Yuki Kajiura is collaborating with REMI for the soundtrack of 「sword art online」 and just after that news, REMI posted in her blog about the song 「Fairy Dance」. 

This is the official video:

A lot of speculations were made regarding the title of this video because 「Fairy Dance」 is the title for the second arc of anime 「sword art online」. 

Although there were still no confirmation from REMI herself whether the song was inspired from the novel/anime/manga. Also, according to the credits as seen in the end of the video, Yuki Kajiura is not involved in anything.

The song itself is really soothing. REMI's soprano voice is really great. The PV's so gorgeous. REMI is so cute on that dress (during the bridge).

I hope she collaborates with Yuki Kajiura on another anime project soon.

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