Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's the last day of 2012!!!

Surprise! It's the 31st of December!

I can't believe a year has already passed.

Happy New Year to all of you!

sa Tagalog,
Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyo!

A lot of things happened this 2012. Sadly, this year was not my year. Now I'm starting to believe my last year's horoscope reading.

This year, two of my cousins got married. First is Kuya Joemar who got married with Ate Xenia. It's my second time to participate in a wedding ceremony; the first time was during my Aunt Melda's wedding around late 90's. My other cousin, Joy, and my kapatid, Chamme, also participated. Second is Ate Alyn who got married with Kuya Julius. I also participated with the wedding ceremony. 

This year also marked the beginning of me having failing scores. Uhhh. I used to think that I will never ever get a failing score but shit happened. My first failing score was from my CHEM 112 second exam. After that, well... failed scores again. It was really a shocking experience. Though I'm proud to say that even though I got failed exam scores, I never failed any subjects...

Almost. I almost failed one effing subject. This year, I got my first 3.00 grade from ChE 153. Uhhh. My pre-final grade was 2.50. After taking the final exam... That's that. Although the mean grade for ChE 153 last sem was 5.00. I hope wala na akong makuhang 3.00 this sem... better rin kung ndi ko ma-experience ang magka-5.00.

For my first solo project, I got to finish one volume only. Sadly, I was too engaged on doing other stuff that I lazed out on drawing. Well, I also started coloring my drawings... using paint.NET. Uhhh. I'm really not very good with the crayons etc. so I decided to use a computer program.

Itong year din na ito ang year kung saan madami akong pinuntahan lugar. We went to Pangasinan, La Union, Baguio City, Benguet, etc.

Also this year, handaming beses akong nagpunta sa mga public swimming pools. Five to six times ata? Madami na iyon para sa dukhang kagaya ko.

This was also the year when I was really more active in my hobby than in my academics. I got to finish watching #SAO_anime, #PMMM, and #FateZero anime; All of which Yuki Kajiura composed for the themes and music. I started re-reading #FairyTail, #Gintama, and #AliceAcademy, etc.

I also bought my #Nintendo #3DS XL! Okay so solid Nintendo fan na talaga ako.

These are the memorable things that happened to me this 2012.I know there are more but I can't remember na eh, saree.

Gusto ko ring magpasalamat. Thanks you po Jesus kasi lagi nyong dinidinig ang mga prayers ko every night bago ako matulog. Thanks sa Mama at Papa ko dahil sa suporta nyo sakin at dahil hindi nyo ako prine-pressure sa studies ko. Thanks sa mga Friends ko dahil dinadamayan nyo ako lagi. Thanks sa mga taong dumaan sa buhay ko; pasensya dahil hindi ko kayo napansin. Thanks sa mga internet friends ko (hahaha).

So anyway, what's New Year without the infamous New Year's Resolution?
Here's mine:
1. Aral pa ng sobra para hindi na ulit magka-3.00! Lalo naman para huwag magka-5.00! Pwede na sakin kahit 1.75 o 2.00 hehehe.
2. Huwag na kakain ng Fries kahit may mag-alok pa.
3. Huwag na uminom ng softdrinks kahit may mag-alok.
4. Huwag na magsungit at lagi na lang mag-smile!
5. Pansinin naman ang mga taon pumapansin sayo para hindi ka matawagang masungit!

So patapos na rin ang bakasyon ko. haynakoh.

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