Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's the last day of 2012!!!

Surprise! It's the 31st of December!

I can't believe a year has already passed.

Happy New Year to all of you!

sa Tagalog,
Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyo!

A lot of things happened this 2012. Sadly, this year was not my year. Now I'm starting to believe my last year's horoscope reading.

This year, two of my cousins got married. First is Kuya Joemar who got married with Ate Xenia. It's my second time to participate in a wedding ceremony; the first time was during my Aunt Melda's wedding around late 90's. My other cousin, Joy, and my kapatid, Chamme, also participated. Second is Ate Alyn who got married with Kuya Julius. I also participated with the wedding ceremony. 

This year also marked the beginning of me having failing scores. Uhhh. I used to think that I will never ever get a failing score but shit happened. My first failing score was from my CHEM 112 second exam. After that, well... failed scores again. It was really a shocking experience. Though I'm proud to say that even though I got failed exam scores, I never failed any subjects...

Almost. I almost failed one effing subject. This year, I got my first 3.00 grade from ChE 153. Uhhh. My pre-final grade was 2.50. After taking the final exam... That's that. Although the mean grade for ChE 153 last sem was 5.00. I hope wala na akong makuhang 3.00 this sem... better rin kung ndi ko ma-experience ang magka-5.00.

For my first solo project, I got to finish one volume only. Sadly, I was too engaged on doing other stuff that I lazed out on drawing. Well, I also started coloring my drawings... using paint.NET. Uhhh. I'm really not very good with the crayons etc. so I decided to use a computer program.

Itong year din na ito ang year kung saan madami akong pinuntahan lugar. We went to Pangasinan, La Union, Baguio City, Benguet, etc.

Also this year, handaming beses akong nagpunta sa mga public swimming pools. Five to six times ata? Madami na iyon para sa dukhang kagaya ko.

This was also the year when I was really more active in my hobby than in my academics. I got to finish watching #SAO_anime, #PMMM, and #FateZero anime; All of which Yuki Kajiura composed for the themes and music. I started re-reading #FairyTail, #Gintama, and #AliceAcademy, etc.

I also bought my #Nintendo #3DS XL! Okay so solid Nintendo fan na talaga ako.

These are the memorable things that happened to me this 2012.I know there are more but I can't remember na eh, saree.

Gusto ko ring magpasalamat. Thanks you po Jesus kasi lagi nyong dinidinig ang mga prayers ko every night bago ako matulog. Thanks sa Mama at Papa ko dahil sa suporta nyo sakin at dahil hindi nyo ako prine-pressure sa studies ko. Thanks sa mga Friends ko dahil dinadamayan nyo ako lagi. Thanks sa mga taong dumaan sa buhay ko; pasensya dahil hindi ko kayo napansin. Thanks sa mga internet friends ko (hahaha).

So anyway, what's New Year without the infamous New Year's Resolution?
Here's mine:
1. Aral pa ng sobra para hindi na ulit magka-3.00! Lalo naman para huwag magka-5.00! Pwede na sakin kahit 1.75 o 2.00 hehehe.
2. Huwag na kakain ng Fries kahit may mag-alok pa.
3. Huwag na uminom ng softdrinks kahit may mag-alok.
4. Huwag na magsungit at lagi na lang mag-smile!
5. Pansinin naman ang mga taon pumapansin sayo para hindi ka matawagang masungit!

So patapos na rin ang bakasyon ko. haynakoh.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SKETCH VOL.#8 ~Fanarts

Lately, I'm having difficulty in conceptualizing themes for my next volume. So I decided to make fanarts.Supposedly my SKETCH project is all about my own designs. So I guess I have to redefine it somehow.

SKETCH VOL.#8 ~Fanarts is my 8th drawings compilation (duh). The drawings included [and to be included in the future] are purely fanarts. The original designs belong to the original creator/s. I just added a bit of my own style on the drawings.

Currently, there are four official entries for this volume. Unlike my other compilations, this volume's drawings shall be collected just like the "VOL.#4 ~early drawing renewal" wherein new drawings shall be added at any time in the future.

Please visit the official Facebook folder HERE (in case the pictures posted here disappear). Also, please like the folder. THANKS!

These are the drawings currently found in the folder:

1. Irisviel von Einzbern - Fate/Zero

2. Nichijou Main Cast - Nichijou

3. Homura Akemi - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

4. Asuna Yuuki - sword art online

Enjoy! Look forward for more!

These are the initial designs I planned to add in this volume.
1. Homura Akemi (PMMM)
2. Ryougi Shiki (KnK)
3. Syaoran (Tsubasa)
4. Masahiro (Shonen Onmyouji)
5. Anita King (ROD)
6. Waver Velvet (F/Z)
7. Irisviel (F/Z)
8. Vanessa (MADLAX)
9. Asuna (SAO)
10. Lucy Heartphilia (Fairy Tail)

Any other suggestions?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 6.5-

Puro rants lang ito...

Okay, so supposedly after ng binyag eh pupunta kaming Birthday ng pinsan ko.

Nung nag-umpisa na, sinabi ni Father madami daw hindi na-attend nung required seminar. Either mag-binyag now then later ang seminar o seminar muna then binyag. Biglang nag-usok ang mga tenga ko nung narinig ko ito... Seminar? Oo umattend kasi ako nung seminar pero handami palang ndi na-attend tapos ngayon me OPTIONS? 

Kami sa grupo namin eh pinili yung binyag muna then later ang seminar. Sobrang naiinis ako nung madami ang nagtaas ng kamay nung seminar muna bago mag-binyag. FYI, tatlong oras ng kadramahan ang seminar na ito! WTH lang talaga kasi andaming ndi umattend nung required seminar tapos ipapaulit pa ngayon para sa mga umattend?!?! Unfair! 

Ayon, ndi na kami nakasama kina Mama sa Birthday nung pinsan ko. Sensya na.

May natutunan ako nung umattend ako ng seminar pero ayaw ko ng pakinggan ng dalawang beses. Nasayang ang tatlong oras ng December 25 ko dahil sa mga PILIPINONG hindi vina-value ang REQUIRED na event. 

I was sitting there with earphones plugged in my ears.

Si Joy naman eh nagbabasa ng wattpad sa cellphone ko.

Yung iba nag-eenjoy.

Yung iba natututo.

At kami, nabo-bore!

Wala akong problema sa simbahan at sa pari pati na sa lecture. Ang problema ko ay yung mga paimportanteng mga ninong at ninang. Mga eff kayo!

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 6-

Merry Christmas everyone!

Medyo masaya ang Christmas ko ngayon compared nung last Christmas... secret na ang rason para dun.

Anyways, enjoy ba ang Christmas nyo?

Apat na putahe lang ang niluto namin ee. Kinain na kasi namin nung 23rd yung iba!

Ito yung grilled ham with thick pineapple sauce. Okay, so it's our first time to buy fancy food like this... Kaya 23rd pa lang, inubos na!

Heto naman ang mga tunay na handa namin!
Cheese Rolls
Fried siomai

Merun pang graham cake!

Wow, pakabusog po tayong lahat! Practice practice for New Year's handaan naman!

Merry Christmas sa mga friends ko at relatives ko! Wala akong nagawang personal messages ngayon e. Sensya!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 5-

Nagising ako nang sobrang aga kanina because it's the last day for Simbang Gabi. Oo, I'm one of those who only attends Simbang Gabi tuwing first day at last day. Hahaha. Kebels lang. Sabi ni Father kanina na hindi naman talaga mahalaga na atendahan ang siyam na araw kung wala naman dun yung puso't kaluluwa mo i.e. natutulog habang nasimba.

After nung simba, umuwi na kami, duh? 

Nainis lang ako kasi pinapalayas kami sa upuan namin sa labas ng simbahan. I wouldn't be sitting there kung merun kayong enough na upuan sa loob. So tayuan lang talaga?

Ako bali ang nagprepare sa cake. Then tumulong ako sa pag-gawa nang siomai. Grabe anghirap lang talaga pero sobrang sarap nung siomai na ginawa namin. Have some? Hindi pa luto yan. Me naluto na kanina pero ampangit nung image. Hahaha.

Sobrang punuan na naman ang skedyul ko. Haynakoh. Kapagod kaya mag-event hopping! May binyag sa 25, pati birthday din. Merun namang kasal sa 28 pati 30. Ay ewan. Yung design problem namin wala pang naumpisahan ee. Good luck samin.

Happy Birthday kay Papa Jesus!

Merry Christmas po sa ating lahat! 

Yung mga korni dyan, makisali nalang kayo!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


This is a relatively old release!

Anyways, KAORI appeared in the album 「UNCHAINBLADES EXXIV VOCAL COLLECTION」 along with Haruka Shimotsuki, mao, and eufonius

She sang the third track 「Hi no Ataru Basho」. This will also be included on her 1st SOLO Album 「PLACE」.

I'm sure everyone is eager to have that album. We already have (assuming that you really had) listened to most of the songs that were confirmed to be included.

Okay so here's KAORI's song!

Enjoy! Please don't forget to buy her 1st SOLO album 「PLACE」 coming out this February!

Friday, December 21, 2012

SKETCH ~special: Homura Akemi UPDATED!

I decided to improve one of the drawings from the previous compilation. It's now an official entry to my VOL.#8!

Check this out!

Compare it with the older version!

Do comment!

For bigger sizes, check out my official Facebook page!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 4-

Sobrang excited ang kapatid ko magmula pa noong Lunes. Christmas Program kasi nila ngayong Wednesday. Hindi na makatulog eh!

Sa Pilipinas, ang Christmas Program ang pinakamasayang araw sa buhay nang isang estudyante dahil finally bakasyon na ulit at syempre madamihang kainan ulit.

Kanina nga, nag-punta na sila Chamme, Mama, at Inang sa school. nagulat daw yung teacher nila kasi hindi daw siya nag-expect na me magdadala nang pagkain. Duh? Nung kami kaya ang elem eh me meeting pa kung sino-sino ang magdadala nang softdrinks, spaghetti, etc. Ngayon, ang handa ni Chamme ay yung Bibingka na inorder ni Mama sa palengke.

Naalala ko sobrang excited si Chamme kasi gusto niya malaman kung sino ang nakabunot sa kanya at siyempre ano ang ibibigay sa kanya. I told her not to expect something na bongga naman kasi hindi naman ata ganun ka-rich ang mga kaklase niya.

Noon kasi, nag-expect din ako. Noong grades 1 to 5 kasi, nag-study palang ako sa Diffun Central School (DCS). Medyo mayayaman at may kaya kasi ang mga klasmeyts ko dati kaya ang mga regalong matatanggap mo eh sure na magugustuhan mo. Yes, Nagustuhan ko lahat ng mga niregalo sa akin at ganun din sa mga niregaluhan ko.

Nag-expect ako. 

Nag-expect ako na ganun din ang case sa Cordon Central School (CCS). Hindi ko na maalala kung ano yung niregalo ko. Noong binigay na yung regalo ko... wow. Yun yung nakita kong binebenta sa palengke... yung complete set ng mga mumurahing toiletries! That set includes a towel (yung rough grade), some panyos (na hindi man lang makapunas ng pawis), lotion (na amoy pang-matanda), sabon (na saf*guard), shampoo, mirror, shampoo... at... ROSARY! Kaso yung rosary eh pang-porma lang kasi sobrang deformed na yung hitsura.

Sobrang nagunaw ang Christmas spirit ko. Sabi nga "It's better to give than to receive" pero I think applicable lang ito kung alam mo na hindi i-r-reciprocate yung act of giving mo. Pero shetness man! Alam mo kasi na bibigyan ka din ng regalo ee! Kaya ka nag-expect. 

Anyways, that was just a thing from the past. Nung nag-highschool na ako sa Philippine Science High School, balik bongga ang mga matatanggap mong regalo. Me stipends kasi from DOST every month kaya me pambili ka nang mamahaling regalo. Para hindi naman nakakadisappoint.

Ngayon, DOST scholar parin ako. Pero hindi na kami nagbibigayan ng gifts hahaha.

Anyways, balik sa storya ng kapatid ko.

Ito ang natanggap niya.

Kawawang bata. Yan ang napapala pag cheap ang section at cheap ang school. Kaya lesson! Wag na ulit mag-expect pag alam na cheap ang mga kaklase. Grabe, I saw that picture frame sa NOVO when I was accompanying my friend dun!!! Yes, yung NOVO na tahanan ng mga mumurahin at cheap na rejected items! Pero nabili din naman ako dun kung minsan eh. Pero laging ambilis masira or ndi ko magamit nang maayos.

Ito may photoshoot kuno ang kapatid ko. Angtaray niya lang dito ee!

Antaray niya dito eh! Like ko to!

Twitter Pic niya to

with gifts naman.

Mukhang maamo no? Don't judge a book by its cover! Maldita yan. Kaming tatlo nila Joy actually. Hahaha. Sigawan to the max kaming tatlo sa bahay kahapon at sobrang annoyed ang lola namin to the nth level.

Anyways... ito lang. Wala na akong maida-dagdag.

Next time ulit!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kaori Oda 「PLACE」 + Updates

I really can't wait to get my hands on this album. Fellow fans, let's support KAORI! We can at least help her album in making it to the top of the Oricon chart!

Anyways, it is confirmed that 「Calling」, 「Honki no Uso」, and 「Brilliant World」 will be included on this album.

1. KAORI's tweet

2. Team Entertainment's tweet
On this note, the album's site was also updated. Check it out!

3. KAORI's blog post
NOTE: Rough Translation italicized and smaller font size located just below the original text. I will only highlight important information because some info were already added from the previous post Kaori Oda First SOLO Album 「PLACE」
●Brilliant World (DS用ゲームソフト「ルミナスアーク」主題歌)
●Calling (TVアニメ「バッカーノ!」ED)
●本気の嘘 (PSP「ワイルドアームズ クロスファイア」主題歌)
●Brilliant World (DS game 「Luminous Arc」 theme song)
●Calling (TV anime 「Baccano」 ED)
●Honki no Uso (PSP game 「Wild Arms XF」 theme song)

I can't wait for next year (^∀^)

Twitterでは、ハッシュタグ  #place_kaori でリアルタイムでAlbum情報を呟いているので、そちらもチェックしてね~♪
More real time updates about the album on Twitter with hash tag #place_kaori. Check it out!~♪


So there you go! Join the discussion now!

Monday, December 17, 2012

REMI 「Ave Maria」

I was looking for the 「Fairy Dance」 video of REMI when I stumbled on this video.

This is a cover of Francesco Paolo Tosti's 「Ave Maria」. I was thinking at first that this was Schubert's 「Ave Maria」.

Really nice song... very fitting with her voice. Though I prefer she'd write her own original songs.

REMI 「Fairy Dance」

This is a relatively old topic. I wanted to make a new post about this earlier this year but I was too lazy. Anyways, I was really overjoyed to learn that Yuki Kajiura is collaborating with REMI for the soundtrack of 「sword art online」 and just after that news, REMI posted in her blog about the song 「Fairy Dance」. 

This is the official video:

A lot of speculations were made regarding the title of this video because 「Fairy Dance」 is the title for the second arc of anime 「sword art online」. 

Although there were still no confirmation from REMI herself whether the song was inspired from the novel/anime/manga. Also, according to the credits as seen in the end of the video, Yuki Kajiura is not involved in anything.

The song itself is really soothing. REMI's soprano voice is really great. The PV's so gorgeous. REMI is so cute on that dress (during the bridge).

I hope she collaborates with Yuki Kajiura on another anime project soon.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 3-

Kaninang madaling araw, ginising kami ni Mama around 3:30 AM. Magsisimbang gabi kasi kami.

Ang simbang gabi ay isa sa mga kilalang tradisyon dito sa Pilipinas tuwing Christmas season. It starts on December 16 and ends on December 24. So far, ang mga alam kong nagsi-simbang gabi ay mga Katoliko tsaka mga taga-Methodist. 

Nung medyo bata pa ako, sumasama ako sa simbang gabi ng lola ko sa Methodist Church. Me libreng kainan kasi after ng misa. Gustung-gusto ko yung cuo noodles nun. Ahahah. Dun sa dating sinisimbahan kasi namin sa Diffun eh walang pakain after ng misa eh.

Nung lumipat na kami sa Cordon, yung simbahan dun eh may pakainan every after ng misa. Sa tagal ko nang naninirahan sa Cordon, isang beses lang ako nanguha nung pabigay na pagkain. Last year lang ata yun? Sopas na nakaplastic cup yung dinistribute eh.

Kaninang umaga, sobrang aga namin para may maupuan kami; Kaso madami na agad tao. Sabi nga nila, tuwing umpisa at huli lang daw ng mga araw ng simbang gabi mapupuno ng tao ang simbahan.

Dun sa homily, nabanggit niya ang mga uri ng taong nagsisimba. Dalawa lang naalala ko dun sa mga sinabi niya: yung "simbabwe" at "KBL".

"Simbabwe" yung mga taong simba then uwe. Pag binigkas mo daw nang paulit-ulit... "Simbabwe, simbabwe, simbabwe..."

"KBL" naman yung mga taong sa "Kasal", "Binyag", at "Libing" lang na-attend ng simba.

After nung homily, naglecture si Father tungkol dun sa PCSO na project. Hindi yung yung Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office ah? PCSO eh something na me "peace" for P dun sa acronym. Hindi ko natandaan.

Nainis lang ako kasi sobrang na-focus dun sa PCSO yung lecture.

Tapos biglang nawalan ng kuryente... bam! Nasa PCSO lecture pa rin kami at sorang init sa loob ng simbahan.

Naglabasan na yung ibang mga tao... nakisama narin kami nila Joy at Chamme. Hanep lang eh. Walang kuryente yung simbahan pero yung mga buildings sa labas eh merun naman. Andami kasing mga palamuti sa labas. Maganda pero... yun nga. Nagpatuloy yung mass hanggang sa bumalik yung kuryente. 

Andami lang nagliligawan sa labas eh. Haynakoh. 

So bukas, ndi ko alam kung makakasama ulit ako. Sponsor kasi yung baranggay namin eh.

Let's see.




Nung andun kami sa parking  area... Habang kumakain ng mani at mais...


Joy: anu ulit yung bilog na chocolate?
Ako: anung bilog yun?
Joy: yung FERRARI ROACH...
Ako: Ferrari... what? FERRERO ROCHER yun!

Sorang tawa ko rito.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 2-

Finally I'm home na!

Grabe lang halos 20 hours ang biyahe ko from Los Banos to Cordon!!! Nakakainis lang eh, andaming road construction sa daan! Kasi yung tipong kada siyudad me road construction? Ndi nga! Talagang malapit na naman ang election. 

Pwede na dapat akong umuwe nang Thursday pero me long quiz pa ako nung Friday sa STS 1... Hanep yung long quiz... tipong unting-unti lang sa mga minemorize ko ang lumabas. Sad. pero agad na akong nagpasa. 

Merun pa ako nung i-s-submit na paper sa PSY 1... yung "Who am I?"...

Sinamahan ko pa si Carmine magpunta ng Library. After nun, kinuha ko na yung mga gamit ko from my Apartment. magkikita na lang daw kami ni Carmine sa Olivarez.

Nung nag-a-abang na ako ng jeep... Sobrang inip kasi punuan ee!

Sakto me jeep na me bakante sa tabi nung driver, doon na ako sumakay. Pagkaupo ko, biglang nahulog yung isa kong tsinelas! Homaygulay! Nataranta ako. Nag-para ako agad... 10 meters na ang pagitan ko dun sa isa kong tsinelas. Nilulon ko ang kahihiyan ko at tinakbo yung tsinelas ko. Medyo kahiya-hiya lang talaga kasi sakto mabagal ang daloy ng trapiko tsaka natapat 7/11 at Angel's Burger yung tsinelas. Madami lang tao ee  Haynakoh.

Around 1 PM na kami nakarating ng Cubao tsaka 3 PM yung pina-book ni Carmine. Nagpunta muna kaming Jollibee.

Medyo fun lang ang biyahe kasi matagal ko nang hindi kakwentuhan si Carmine. Andun yung sharing ng mga controversies at scandals na alam namin, mga intellectual sharing tungkol sa fields namin, mga plans for Christmas, mga movies na napanuod namin, etc.

Around 2 PM na nung nakarating akong Cordon.

Sobrang fun lang magbyahe tuwing Christmas vacation.

God Bless po sa ibang ba-biyahe ngayong weekend tsaka next week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Who am I?"

This is my final draft for my PSY 1 paper. Grabe lang.. Sobrang Hirap mag-isip nung mga ilalagay. Dahil gusto ko lang gumala ngayon araw na ito, pinagpuyatan o ito kagabi (12.12.12). Eto medyo pangit lang ang output pero go na!
Who’s the best person who can tell about me but me, right? Well, most of the time, that’s true. So what’s the real score with my relationship with myself?

These are the results of the survey conducted during our PSY 1 class. These, supposedly, will help me answer the question “Who am I?”. However, I believe that this question relies majorly on one’s self-concept which is really subjective in nature; other people’s opinion on me may or may have not affected my score on this survey.

For the Locus of Control survey, I got a score of 16 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Locus of Control. I agree that I belong to this category. Sometimes I believe that chance determines my destiny, sometimes not. Back when I was still in high school, I used to think I have a very strong good luck because I get to achieve something without exerting too much effort or without over-thinking about it at all; unlike most of the people around me. I believed I must be one of the favored sons of the Gods. Hahaha! Yes, I used to think that way. However, I soon realized that that kind of thinking is rather irrational and immature-ish. I don’t want to depend on luck forever because I also wanted to prove that I can achieve something with my efforts alone. Now in college, especially during the online enlistment for subjects, I still believe that luck played a role on me getting all the required units I needed for that particular semester. I must still be one of the favored sons of the Gods \(^0^ ). Sometimes, on exams too! There was this case last sem where I had this really difficult major exam made by one of our department’s terror teacher. I was already answering the multiple choice part; however, the choices ranged from A to Z. There were five items under the multiple choice part with only two more left unanswered; I skipped it and and answered the easier parts of the exam. On the last minute of submission of exam papers, I used my calculator’s random number generator and started choosing possible answers from the pool of choices… and surprisingly, I got a perfect score for the multiple choice part. I didn’t know how I did it. I just thought I was really lucky at that time. However, most of the time, I simply don’t resort to luck especially (well mostly) on my academic career and on my thesis.

For the Self-Esteem survey, I got a score of 8 which falls to the range of having an Average Self-Esteem. Somehow, I disagree with this one. Whenever I achieve success on something, I feel really good about myself because I know that I deserve it and that my efforts weren’t in vain. On the other deeper meaning of success, I just want to be recognized by a lot of people that’s why I’m really happy when someone associate me with something that is of worth. I specially feel good whenever people praise my drawing skills. Yes, I really love to draw and I’ve been developing my own technique three years ago; it’s still incomplete, though. I feel good whenever people say something good about my drawings because somehow, they are indirectly telling me to keep up the good work or something like that.

For the Self-Monitoring survey, I got a score of 12 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Self-monitoring. I agree that I belong to this category. I only get to be attuned on impressions on certain social situations when it is warranted. On weddings, when I’m part of the ceremony, I follow the required dress code. However, if I’m not a part of the ceremony, I only wear my casual shirt and jeans and “branded” slippers. Back when I was still in elementary especially during the inter-school competitions, we are required to wear complete uniform and that includes the black shoes. On ordinary school days, slippers will suffice.

For the Self Presentation Strategies survey, I got the highest score for the Intimidation Strategy. I agree that I really belong to those who use this as their Projected Image. My friends always tell me how I give off the unapproachable, irritable, demonic gaze every time. I thought they were just teasing me until I started asking some of my classmates on their impressions on me; surprisingly, yes they really do find me intimidating… physically. I usually just laughed it off but I was eventually bothered because I don’t want people to think of me as someone like that because I’m really not. However, I learned that I can use this to my advantage on some situations. I really don’t like being the leader for a group project/activity. However, sometimes, someone has to be the leader. Yes, sometimes, I’m the leader. Whenever this happens, I see to it that my group mates follow everything I tell them to do. I speak using a louder and deeper voice and usually make an eye-to-eye contact followed by a raise on my left eye brow. However, whenever I use this strategy, I see to it that I don’t make them uncomfortable whenever I’m around.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yuuka Nanri 2nd Live "LIVE ON!" on Blu-ray&DVD

Yuuka Nanri, popularly known as the voice of the unit FictionJunction YUUKA, had recently started her solo career under FlyingDog label. Just recently, she released a mini album titled  「LIVE ON!」 in which the title song was used as the theme for the MMORPG 「Arc Frontier」.

In commemoration for the release, two concerts were performed. More info below.

Note: Rough Translations are italicized and in lower cased just below the original text.

2nd Live “LIVE ON!”のBlu-ray&DVD 2013年2月20日発売決定!  
The Blu-ray&DVD of the 2nd Live "LIVE ON!" will be released on 2012/02/20!

行われた2nd Live“LIVE ON!”のBlu-ray&DVDが
10/08 at umedaAKASO, Osaka
10/13 at Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo
The Blu-ray&DVD of the 2nd Live "LIVE ON!"
will be released on 2013/02/20!

The live concert from Tokyo will be the one include!
The Blu-ray will include all songs while the DVD will only include 8 selected songs.

Release date on 2013/02/20

南里侑香“LIVE ON!”赤坂BLITZ 2012.10.13 Full Collection
VTZL-54 \7,770 (tax in)
Yuuka Nanri "LIVE ON!" Akasaka BLITZ 2012.10.13 Full Collection
7770 (tax included)

● 収録内容
01.LIVE ON!/02.アイ・マイ・ミー…mine/03. 暁の車
04.月導 -Tsukishirube-/05.サヨナラ/06.snow wind
07.Usual Place/08.雫 -shizuku-/09.雨の散歩道
10.My Favorite Things/11.あなたと私のうた/12.Dear
13.Inter mission/14.Heartバイブル/15.春風によせて
16.end of loop/17. 嵐の勇者(ヒーロー)/18.輝跡 –kiseki-
19.Andante アンダンテ/EC1.nowhere/EC2.STELLAR
01. LIVE ON!
02. I・my・me...mine
03. Akatsuki no Kuruma
04. 月導 -Tsukishirube-
05. Sayonara
06. snow wind
07. Usual Place
08. 雫 -shizuku-
09. Ame no Sanpo Michi
10. My Favorite Things
11. Anata to Watashi no Uta
12. Dear
13. Inter mission
14. Heart Bible
15. Harukaze ni Yosete
16. end of loop
17. Arashi no Hero
18. 輝跡 -kiseki-
19. Andante
EC1. nowhere

●特典映像 (収録時間:約30分)
●Bonus Clip (30 min duration)
Making-of footage and the documentation of the Osaka performance

●CD アニメーション映像「流れ星レンズ」
●CD Animation Film 「流れ星レンズ」
Special Collaboration Song 「STELLAR」

南里侑香“LIVE ON!”赤坂BLITZ 2012.010.13 Select 8 Songs
VTBL-25 \3,150 (tax in)
Yuuka Nanri "LIVE ON!" Asakusa BLITZ 2012.10.13 Select 8 Songs
3150 (tax included)

01.LIVE ON/02.月導 –Tsukishirube-/03.雫 –shizuku-
04.春風によせて/05.end of loop/06.輝跡 –kiseki-
07.Andante アンダンテ/08.STELLAR
01. LIVE ON!
02. 月導 -Tsukishirube-
03. 雫 -shizuku-
04. Harukaze ni Yosete
05. end of loop
06. 輝跡 -kiseki-
07. Andante


If I were you, I would definitely get the BD.
  • One, because more songs are included in the BD. 
  • Two, because Yuki Kajiura's compositions, 「Akatsuki no Kuruma」 and 「nowhere」, are included. 
  • Three, because Yoko Kanno's composition, 「My Favorite Things」 is included. 
  • Four, three of the songs in the DVD were already seen live on 「LIVE ON!」 mini album. 
  • Fifth, the b-side of Yuuka's 「odyssey」 single is included. 
  • Sixth, I may be wrong but some tiaraway songs were also included. 
  • Seventh, there are two bonus items included in the BD release.
  • Lastly, Takumi Ozawa's compositions are the only songs included on the DVD.

Takumi Ozawa does the chorus for most of the songs. I wonder if they retained the chants in nowhere. I wanted to see Kaori Nishina though. Kaori Nishina did most of the chorus in Yuuka's solo singles; the title songs only.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three Weeks na Christmas Vacation -Part 1-

Hay nagulat talaga ako nung sinabi sa akin ng mga klasmeyts ko na me official announcement na daw regarding sa suspension at resume ng classes due to Christmas Break.

Supposedly, ayon sa aking nakopyang schedule last sem, December 19 ang suspension ng klase tsaka January 3 ang resume; less than two weeks lang yun.

Pero ngayon nga, December 13 na ang suspension of classes tapos January 7 ang resume making it a three-week vacation nga. Wow parang yung summer vacation ko lang ha na three weeks din.

Ngayon, nag-i-isip na ako ng mga makabuluhang gagawin nitong basyon na ito. Pretty much, masyado ng patterned ang Christmas Days ko (24-25).

Anyways, naalala ko last vacation kasi eh yung time na nagp-plano sila Kuya Joemar at Ate Xenia sa kasal niya. Nakakamiss yung mga times na yun.

Yun lang.

Good Day!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

storya ng kurso ko

Lingid sa kaalaman ng karamihan, hindi talaga ako originally dapat enrolled sa degree program na B.S. Chemical Engineering sa UPLB.

Ang gusto ko talaga sanang kurso eh something na visual arts-related. Kaso ndi ako galing sa mayamang pamilya so hindi dapat kung "anu ang gusto ko" ang siyang masusunod. Although hindi naman parents ko ang nagdecide nung kurso ko. Ako lang pati na influence ng ibang friends ko.

Bale naalala ko pa ang "UP or no UP" na pinagsasabi namin. Hahaha. Sino bang hindi ma-p-pressure kung halos lahat kayo sa batch nyo eh expected dapat sa UP mag-aral? Ganyan ang pressure sa isang Pisay student.

Naalala ko rin, ndi talaga ako prepared sa mga entrance exams na iyan. Kasi late May na ng 2008 ako nag-start mag review eh halos lahat ng mga kaklase at ka-batch ko eh sa mga prestihiyosong review center nagpunta nung summer eh ako nag-piano lessons lang; unfortunately, hanggang ngayon basic level parin ako sa piano.

Nagpabili lang ako ng mga review books sa National Bookstore tapos yun na ang inaral ko. Araw-araw kon minememorize lahat ng mga andun. Bukod dun, nagkaroon din ng mga review sa Pisay na ang mga nagtuturo eh mga teachers namin since first year.

Ito na! Application na for UPCAT.
First Choice Campus: UP Los Banos
          First Choice Course: B.S. Food Technology
          Second Choice Course: B.S. Civil Engineering
Second Choice Campus: UP Diliman

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganito ang itsura ng application ko. Los Banos ang inuna? Hello? Hindi nga yan ang first choice ng mga close friends ko eh! Kaso inisip ko mas maganda ang environment at mas mababa ang cost of living dito.

Tapos dahil gusto ko ng Chemistry pero ayoko ng B.S. Chemistry mismo, tumingin ako ng kursong punung puno ng Chem. Yun nga Food Tech. Food Tech kasi madaming Chem pero unting Math. Tsaka sabi ng Father ko maganda daw ang Food Related course pero ayoko naman ng Nutri kasi unti lang yung Chem.

Yung Second choice ko naman na Civ Eng eh pinagbigyan ko lang si Papa. Gusto kasi nya mag-Med ako pero sabi ko ayoko. So pinilit niya ako sa Civ Eng. So gora na! Sure naman ako nun na Food Tech ako mapupunta.

At yun na nga. UPCAT na! Pang second batch kami dun sa exam.

Ito ang isa sa hindi ko makakalimutang nangyari! Kasi yung setting eh sa library tapos ang isang mahabang mesa dapat tatlo ang nakaupo. Pinagtaon na naka-table ko si Eric Limos (ang aking archenemy that time) pero buti merun si Ate from other school na umupo sa gitna namin. Tawagin natin si Ate na #Himatay_Girl. Bakit? Me storya yan!

Me time limit per category yung exam. Sobrang inaral ko per item kasi write minus rong ang siste ng UPCAT. Ang pinakatanda ko eh yung sa Math part. Kasi out of nowhere, si #Himatay_Girl eh nahimatay nga! Holy pwet! Akala ko kung anung disaster na pero nag-faint lang pla si Ate. Sobrang eye-catcher yung eksena. Andaming bulungan yadah yadah sa paligid ligid.

Ayon, kinarga si Ate dun sa me lobby tapos pinaypayan at pinainom ng tubig. Hindi na niya tinuloy yung Math part pero tinuloy niya yung sa Reading Comprehension na part.

After nung exam, sobrang windang ako. Ito na ang pinakamahirap na exam na naranasan ko that time. 
Pero shemay, mas mahirap pa ang exam pag pumasok kana sa UP at nagt-take kana ng majors mo!

Naalala ko si Hanna ang kasama ko umuwi that night kasi si Marissa at Yani eh nagsabay na. Si Jhona ata ay pang-umaga? Ndi ako sure.

After ilang months lumabas na ang resulta. Tadaan! Pumasa ako ng B.S. Food Technology sa UPLB. Pati mga iba kong friends pumasa din! Pero unfortunately si Jhona eh ndi pumasa sa choice school at course niya kasi quota course mga pinili niya. Pero sabi ni Sir Edz na ilalakad daw niya ung kaso ni Jhona. Kaya yun, napilit ko siyang mag Food Tech din with me sa UPLB!


Hindi ko alam ang choice ko na yon ang magtatanggal sakin ng pag-asa para mag-UP.

Yes, pumasa ako sa DOST-SEI Merit A. Tuwang tuwa ako. Hanggang nung orientation kung saan nalaman kong hindi pala pwede sa Merit A ang course na Food Tech.

Alam mo yung feeling na nabasag mga pangarap mo? Yun iyon. Oa masyado pero down na down ako that time.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun. Sa mga RA scholars pwede ang kahit na anong kurso sa kahit na anong school pero pag Merit scholar limited na nga ang school eh limited pa ang kurso! Unfair! Napapa-holy-pwet tuloy ako nun kasi sobrang nadisappoint ako.

Nung pag-uwi ko chineck ko website ng UP at nalaman kong 1k per unit ang kalakaran! Ang mahal! Sobra. Hindi namin kayang bayaran ang 22000 Php per semestre. Kailangan ko nung scholarship pero yung gusto kong kurso at school eh dapat i-sacrifice.

Kaya pinilit ako magtake ni Papa ng SLUCEE. Kinuha ko na yung sure na nasa DOST Merit A. B.S. Biology. Oo gusto ko ng Bio pero... hindi ko na nga feel kumuha ng Science course tapos yung gusto ko na kurso eh ipagkakait pa?

Pumasa ako ng SLUCEE. Pero lingid sa kaalaman ng parents ko, ayaw kong magtuloy doon.

Naghanap nga ako ng mga paraan hanggang naalala ko yung sabi sa DOST orientation na pwede naman daw mag-defer muna for one sem tsaka lumipat ng kurso para ma-avail yung scholarship. Isa sa mga kursong pumasok sa standards ko (me ganun?) ang kursong B.S. Chemical Engineering. Kasi ma-chem din tsaka pede sa Merit A.

Naiiyak pa ako nun habang kausap ako ni Mama. Kesyo sila daw nuon wulang choice kung anung gusto nilang kurso at school kaya napilitan daw si Mama na mag Home Economics under government program na "Study Now, Pay Later". Si Papa naman gusto mag Vet Med pero yun kapos kaya inisip lang daw niya na mag-graduate kaya ginora na niya ang Agriculture. At sa parehong school sila nagaral at nagmeet kaya yun. Hahaha.

Sabi din ni Mama maganda daw yung title na "Engr." na maidikit sa pangalan ko unlike pag Food Tech na "Mr." lang. Naconvince ako nito, believe it or not.

Nag e-mail ako registrar ng UPLB. Ito ang nakalagay sa e-mail ko.

>From: ""
>To: UPLB Registar <>
>Sent: April 18, 2009
> Good Day Ma'am.
> I've already confirmed my slot for B.S. Food Technology online and  submitted the 3 reply slips that were asked to be submitted before  march 30, 2009.
> The question is if I can change my course to B.S. Chemical  Engineering before the enrollment date, May 8, 2009.
> Reason/s for the change of course:
> 1.) DOST-SEI - my course isn't enlisted as one of the priority  courses but chemical engineering is. [My second choice is B.S.  Chemical Engineering]
> 2.) Inclination of my abilities to B.S. Chemical Engineering.
> 3.) Parent's Influence.
> I really want to change my course because of the financial  assistance and of course because of my capabilities as a student in  pursuing B.S. Chemical Engineering.
> Please reconsider my request.
> Thanks.
> Joel Marc A. Ngohayon
> Incoming Freshmen

Okay medyo nagsinungaling ako ng unti dito kasi ndi B.S. Chem Eng ng 2nd choice ko kundi B.S. Civ Eng. Pero gora na! Nasa isip ko parin yung "UP or no UP" eh.

Oh nagulat ako me nagreply!

>From: "" <>
>To: Joel Marc Ngohayon <>
>Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 8:25:29 AM

>Please write a formal letter request addressed to the University Registrar requesting for the change in your degree program. Kindly attach a copy of the DOST notice sent to you.
>Please submit/send the letter to the Office of the University Registrar as soon as possible for appropriate action.
>Thank you.

Kaya yun agad agad gumawa ako ng Formal Letter! Pero Hindi ko na mahanap. Hindi ata kasi e-mail kundi telegram yun eh.

Tapos eto nagsent ako ng letter (e-mail) of complaint sa DOST-SEI management. Ang yabang eh! Hindi naman.
Both parties ang me kasalanan.

NOTE: Medyo amateurish pa ang English ko dito! Me minor Edit pero yung iba, ndi na para me katatawanan. Hahaha
>Dear Dr. Ogena,
>Last DOST-SEI Scholarship Admission Test, we were given slips of paper showing us our categorization. There were only two check boxes, the Merit Scholarship and the RA Scholarship. Before we took the exam, we were instructed to fill out some informations. We were also instructed to write down the top 3 courses that we'll take up in college; we were to choose from a list.
>The problem is that we were not oriented [properly] and [we weren't] informed which of the courses are under Merit Scholarship and under RA Scholarship.
>During the orientation held last April 17, 2009 at the Regional DOST Center of Region 2, almost everyone [including the parents] were "shocked" because the courses they wanted weren't valid for their respective scholarships [particularly the Merit A and the Merit B scholarships].
>Take me for example.
>I passed the University of the Philippines Admission Test under the course B.S. Food Technology. [You can literally see] The shocked on my face when I [learned] that my course wasn't listed under the Merit A Courses offered; [however,] it [was included] in the RA courses offered. The problem is [that] we were not informed during the DOST-SEI examination on which courses are under [the three different] types of [DOST] scholarship.
>I would like to request that on the next DOST-SEI Scholarship Admission Test, the students should be [well] informed on the [valid] courses and to which type of scholarship each course is under [in order] to avoid complications and anomalies [just like my case].
>Very truly yours,
>[Concerned] Student from Philippine Science High School - Cagayan Valley Campus
>Region 2

Yan sinend ko ng ilang beses pero wulang nag-reply ahahah!

Tapos dumating ng nga yung time for enrollment. Bale kasi me bagyo nung scheduled date of enrollment ko kaya dun sa following week ako nag-enroll.

Baon ang pag-asang ma-change course ako at pati narin ang 22k saka-sakaling ndi tanggapin yung Formal Request ko, nagtungo na kaming UPLB. Pero that time four working days lang ang OUR; ngayon ndi na. Kaya dumeretso muna kami sa Dorms. Aba! Merun pang bakante nung nagpareserve kami. Me pini-fill-out-an na form at included dun ang kurso mo. -sigh- Nilagay ko B.S. Food Tech.

Kinaumagan, nagtungo na kami sa OUR. Kinuha ko yung Form 5 ko at laking tuwa ko ko...

2009 - 48467
1ST SEM 2009-2010

Syempre natuwa din parents ko. Dumeretso na kaming Piccard para kunin yung DOST Recommendation. Ewan, 6000 Php ang bawas sa tuition ng mga Merit Scholars. Okay narin. Kelangan kasi talaga ng scholarship pag college.

After nun, assesment. Tsaka Bayaran sa cashier! Weeh! Kuha ng classcards and officially enrolled na ako sa UPLB! Ang saya ko nung araw na yun; well at least partially masaya. Kasi nkatungtong din sa UPLB.

Me nakita kasi akong picture nila Mama at Papa na picture sa Facade ng UPLB. Hahaha. Gusto ko din magpa-picture doon!

Umuwi na kami after nun.

Nung pasukan na, medyo excited at nervous ako kasi mag-d-dorm ako! Hindi na ako masyadong takot mahiwalay sa parents kasi nga medyo sanay na ako nung Pisay days.

Pumasok nga ako sa designated room ko sa Room 1212 Unit 1 Men's Dorm. Nakita ko agad yung dalawang roomies ko! Tinanung ko anung course nila?

B.S. Food Technology

Patay. Nakalimutan ko me pina-fill-out-an na form sakin dati at ndi ko nabaga ng B.S. Chem Eng. Kaya yun! Ang nag-iisang Chem Eng sa Unit ng mga "Others". I wish nandun ako sa Unit 4 kasi andun yung mga "Engineers".

Pero keri narin. Wula masyadong pressure.

Isa sa ndi ko makakalimutan ko nung araw na yun yung Tour around UPLB. Putik ndi ko alam ang block ko! Bmalik pa talga akong dorm para tignan sa Form 5 ko. T1 ang block ko pero sa CD1 ako napasama kasi naka-alis na yung mga kablock ko. 

Bale napasama nalang ako nung nandun na sa Bio Sci. Funny lang eh. Nilibot namin buong UPLB Lower Campus. Pagod na Pagod ako grabe! Yung tipo kasing uulan then aaraw. Sakit sa ulo lang.

Yun na yun. Ang storya ng kurso kong B.S. Chemical Engineer pati na mga side stories na naaalala ko.

Miss ko na ang NF days kung saan pa-walang-care lang kasi we learned na yung mga Calculus and Chemistry sa Pisay. Hahaha.

Handog ko ito sa mga laging nagtatanung kung ano ang kurso ko. Bakit yan ang kurso mo?

Good Day!