Saturday, November 24, 2012

WAKANA on 「Musuhi no Toki」

I’m currently watching sword art online because Yuki Kajiura is composing the music. The first season’s ED Yume Sekai was sung by Haruka Tomatsu. Haruka Tomatsu is also the seiyuu of Asuna, one of the main characters of the series. Well, I did like Yume Sekai so looked up for more music from her discography. I found out that Haruka Tomatsu’s break role was Nagi, the main character of anime Kannagi. Apart from that, she also sang the OP and ED of the said anime series. The ED Musuhi no Toki caught my attention because somehow, a familiar voice can be heard in the bridge. I did a little research on the single’s scans and found that WAKANA sung the chorus for the song.

Here’s the song Musuhi no Toki:

WAKANA’s part is the wailing voice in the bridge. I believe she also handled the upper harmony during the chorus while Haruka, herself, handled the lower harmony.

The song itself is very pleasant to the ear.

Well, I usually only listen to the A-sides of the singers who aren’t related to Kajiura. So that’s that.

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