Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reaction Paper on #KilatisinSiJuan 2012

Last November 26 (Monday), nagpunta kami ni Jhona sa DL Umali para manood ng symposium na pinamagatang Kilatisin Si Juan. Ako nagpunta for an extra points for PSY 1 tapos si Jhona pinilit ko lang sumama para me kasama ako. Salamat Jhona!

Isang requirement para ma-avail mo yung full point sa PSY 1 extra point ay gumawa ng Reaction Paper. Kaya eto, gumawa for the sake na me 5% na ako ng final grade na na-accomplish!

Poverty. Education. Employment.

The first speaker for the “Kilatisin si Juan” was Mr. Harvey Keh who’s currently working at the Ateneo de Manila (ADMU). I wasn’t actually paying much attention to the speaker until he advertised his organization “Kaya Natin!”. Then I remembered him from one of the Chief of Justice Impeachment session as the man who allegedly tried to influence the senator-judge by sending him a copy of the controversial document from a “small lady”; influencing a senator-judge with any material related to the case violates the rule for the impeachment court.

He discussed three important factors which were, according to him, the reasons for the current state of the Philippined; the three factors are poverty, education, and employment.

Poverty is widely and evidently seen all over the country. Lots of people die every day because of poverty.  The lack of money limits a Filipino’s access to the necessity of life. I agree with his point that poverty is the aftermath of the widely corrupt government we have. Mr. Keh said that even if you are initially not corrupt, you can never resist being transformed into a corrupt person once you joined the politics in the government; that’s the nature of the Philippine government.

Education is clearly also one of the many problems here in the country. Mr. Keh pointed out the lack of government action to improve the current state of the schools; yes, these include schools which are located in urban areas. During my NSTP 2, we went somewhere here in Laguna and I was shocked to find out that a school, so close to the urban areas, still conducts two-grades-in-one-classroom set-up; also, two grades occupy the stage of their gymnasium which obviously isn’t conducive to learning as it doesn’t have an enclosure and is exposed to the noise from the nearby street. To think I was always complaining about my grade school in the rural area whereas some schools here, which are easily reachable by the government, are suffering from low standards of education.

Employment is somewhat a complicated topic to discuss. After graduation, what now? Are there even good opportunities left for me? According to Mr. Keh, lack of opportunities in the Philippines prompts most Filipinos to work abroad away from their family. This can also be related to the Law of Supply and Demand as there’s a lot of people who needs job but there are no or small number of jobs they can enter. One would simply not want to part from their family if one would be able to work here in the country.

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