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Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 〝渋公Special"リリース決定

Yes, it's official! More info below!

I'm really excited for this release! We already have the unedit first day of the Vol.#9 from the ustream record, and now we got to have the edited footage of the fourth live from vol.#9!

Notable inclusion in this footage is the appearances of both ASUKA (of the unit FictionJunction ASUKA) and Hanae Tomaru. Also, all of FJ's title songs are included.

Though I wish they also invited YUUKA that day. She was in the audience, though.

Also that REMI song from 「sword art online」!  Yes, REMI was also present the third day of the live when her song was performed by FJ.

Okay, I'll quit rumbling and... Weeh! Finally another new DVD!
Official announcement from FlyingDog!
NOTE: Rough Translation in smaller italicized font!
2012年9月9日@渋谷公会堂にて行われたYuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9の模様を収録した映像商品が発売になります。HD収録で、梶浦由記/FictionJunctionの映像商品としては初のBlu-rayでのリリースです。
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 took place last 9/9/2012 in the Auditorium. Recorded videos will be available in HD quality. This would be Yuki Kajiura and FictionJunction's first Blu-ray release.

最 新シングル「Distance」(機動戦士ガンダムSEED HDリマスターEDテーマ)、eternal blue(KONAMI 戦律のストラタスOPテーマ)も収録。また、Blu-rayディスクにのみメイキング映像(メイキングオフ渋公Special)が収録されます。ハイクオ リティな音楽をハイクオリティな映像でお届けします。
The release also includes live version of the latest single 「Distance」 (Mobile Suit Gundam HD Remastered ED), and 「eternal blue」 (KONAMI game Senritsu no Stratus OP) as well as the ( making of Shibuya Park Special) footage which is only included in the Blu-ray discs. Delivers high-quality video with high-quality music.

タイトル:Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 〝渋公Special"
(Blu-ray)VTXL-12 \8,085(税込)/(DVD)VTBL-23~4 \6,300(税込)

Title: Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 "Shibuya Park Special"
Release date: 2/20/2013
(Blu-ray) VTXL-12, 085 ¥ 8,000 (tax included)
(DVD) VTBL-23-4
¥ 6, 300 (tax included)

1.lotus〜 from FICTIONⅡ
2. let the stars fall down =Fate/Zero long forgotten cloistered sleep =Xenosaga Ⅱ
4.I swear〜 from FICTIONⅡ
5.everytime you kissed me =PandoraHearts
6.I reach for the sun =エル・カザド
7.Distance =機動戦士ガンダムSEED HDリマスター 新エンディング
8.eternal blue =旋律のストラタス主題歌
9.さよならソリティア =クロノクルセイド
10.風の街へ =ツバサクロニクル
11.時の向こう 幻の空 =おおかみかくし
12.paradise regained =エル・カザド
13.Credens justitiam =魔法少女まどか☆マギカ
14.L.A. =エル・カザド
16.デュラン召還 =舞-HiME
17.目覚め =舞-HiME
18.stone cold =セイクリッドセブン
19.Sweet Song =Xenosaga Ⅱ
20.光の行方 =真救世主伝説 北斗の拳
21.Parallel Hearts =PandoraHearts
EC1.everlasting song =エレメンタルジェレイド
EC2. zodiacal sign =アクエリアンエイジ
EC3. maybe tomorrow =Xenosaga Ⅲ
1.lotus from FICTIONⅡ
2. let the stars fall down =Fate/Zero long forgotten cloistered sleep =Xenosaga Ⅱ
4.I swear from FICTIONⅡ
5.everytime you kissed me =PandoraHearts
6.I reach for the sun =El Cazador dela Bruja
7.Distance = Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered
8.eternal blue =Senritsu no Stratus
9.Sayonara Solitaire =Chrono Crusade
10.Kaze no Machi he =Tsubasa Chronicle
11.Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora =Ookamikakushi
12.paradise regained =El Cazador dela Bruja
13.Credens justitiam =Puella Magi☆Madoka Magica
14.L.A. =El Cazador dela Bruja
16.Duran Shoukan =Mai-HiME
17.Mezame =Mai-HiME
18.stone cold =Sacred Seven
19.Sweet Song =Xenosaga Ⅱ
20.Hikari no Yukue =Hokuto no Ken
21.Parallel Hearts =Pandora Hearts
EC1.everlasting song =Erementar Gerad
EC2. zodiacal sign =Aquarian Age
EC3. maybe tomorrow =Xenosaga Ⅲ

梶浦由記/ FictionJunction
Guest Vocal:戸丸華江
Keyboard: Yuki Kajiura
Guitar: Koichi korenaga,
Kyoichi SATO,Bass: Takahashi "Jr." Tomoharu,
Violin: TODO Masahiko,
Manipulator: Ohira, Yoshio

Guest Vocal: Hanae Tomaru


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Reaction Paper on #KilatisinSiJuan 2012

Last November 26 (Monday), nagpunta kami ni Jhona sa DL Umali para manood ng symposium na pinamagatang Kilatisin Si Juan. Ako nagpunta for an extra points for PSY 1 tapos si Jhona pinilit ko lang sumama para me kasama ako. Salamat Jhona!

Isang requirement para ma-avail mo yung full point sa PSY 1 extra point ay gumawa ng Reaction Paper. Kaya eto, gumawa for the sake na me 5% na ako ng final grade na na-accomplish!

Poverty. Education. Employment.

The first speaker for the “Kilatisin si Juan” was Mr. Harvey Keh who’s currently working at the Ateneo de Manila (ADMU). I wasn’t actually paying much attention to the speaker until he advertised his organization “Kaya Natin!”. Then I remembered him from one of the Chief of Justice Impeachment session as the man who allegedly tried to influence the senator-judge by sending him a copy of the controversial document from a “small lady”; influencing a senator-judge with any material related to the case violates the rule for the impeachment court.

He discussed three important factors which were, according to him, the reasons for the current state of the Philippined; the three factors are poverty, education, and employment.

Poverty is widely and evidently seen all over the country. Lots of people die every day because of poverty.  The lack of money limits a Filipino’s access to the necessity of life. I agree with his point that poverty is the aftermath of the widely corrupt government we have. Mr. Keh said that even if you are initially not corrupt, you can never resist being transformed into a corrupt person once you joined the politics in the government; that’s the nature of the Philippine government.

Education is clearly also one of the many problems here in the country. Mr. Keh pointed out the lack of government action to improve the current state of the schools; yes, these include schools which are located in urban areas. During my NSTP 2, we went somewhere here in Laguna and I was shocked to find out that a school, so close to the urban areas, still conducts two-grades-in-one-classroom set-up; also, two grades occupy the stage of their gymnasium which obviously isn’t conducive to learning as it doesn’t have an enclosure and is exposed to the noise from the nearby street. To think I was always complaining about my grade school in the rural area whereas some schools here, which are easily reachable by the government, are suffering from low standards of education.

Employment is somewhat a complicated topic to discuss. After graduation, what now? Are there even good opportunities left for me? According to Mr. Keh, lack of opportunities in the Philippines prompts most Filipinos to work abroad away from their family. This can also be related to the Law of Supply and Demand as there’s a lot of people who needs job but there are no or small number of jobs they can enter. One would simply not want to part from their family if one would be able to work here in the country.

Kaori Oda First SOLO Album 「PLACE」

Yes, our very talented KAORI will finally release her first solo album! I'm so excited because I really I'm a solid fan of hers. I've always love listening to her songs.


More Information!
NOTE: The translations aren't very accurate with the original text. Some lines were left untranslated due to difficulty of reading the text; sorry about that.

Artist Oda Kaori's 1st solo album will be finally released!

TVアニメ「バッカーノ!」EDをはじめ、PSP「ワイルドアームズ クロスファイア」主題歌、PSP「AMNESIA LATER」OP&EDなど
The ED for the TV animation 「Baccano!」, the PSP game 「Wild Arms XF」 theme songs, and PSP game 「AMNESIA LATER」 OP&ED.

Kaori Oda, who sang these songs, will finally be releasing the long-awaited first solo album.

Along with her past songs, the album will contain newly recorded songs.


Songs confirmed to be included are:

1. 永遠の一秒 (PSP®用ソフト「AMNESIA LATER」 エンディングテーマ)
2. 始まりの記憶 (PSP®用ソフト「AMNESIA LATER」 オープニングテーマ)
3. 日の当たる場所へ (PSP/ニンテンドー3DS用ゲームソフト「アンチェインブレイズ エクシヴ」 エンディングテーマ)
4. 世界の果てで (PSP®用ソフト「L.G.S ~新説 封神演義~」二期 オープニングテーマ)
5. 水鏡 (PSP®用ソフト「L.G.S ~新説 封神演義~」 エンディングテーマ)
6. My Destiny (「AMNESIA ドラマCD ~AMNESIA OF THE DEAD~」 テーマソング)

◆織田かおり プロフィール
Kaori Oda's Official Profile

Born on 5/11/1988

Her excellent singing voice was discovered early, and since then, she had performed many songs for different projects.

She participated in Yuki Kajiura's 「FictionJunction」 project and sung songs for the NHK anime 「Tsubasa Chronicle」. 

2006年からは、サウンドクリエイター"REVO"の主催する幻想楽団『Sound Horizon』にヴォーカリストとして参加。 
Since 2006, she participated as a vocalist for 「Sound Horizon」, the fantasy band created by REVO.

2007年3月にはソロ活動として、ゲームソフト「ルミナスアーク」のテーマ曲"Brilliant World"を、
2007 marked her first solo singing career. On March, she released her first solo single album 「Brilliant World」 which was the theme of NDS game 「Luminous Arc」. On August, she released her next solo single 「Calling」 album which was the ED for the TV anime 「Baccano!」.

現在、『FictionJunction』『Sound Horizon』『アナザーユニオン』と、様々なプロジェクトに参加し、 活動の幅を広げ、
She's currently involved in 「FictionJunction」, 「Sound Horizon」, 「Another Union」 and other various projects.

So there! I don't think this album will include her songs from her previous works other than the official list since those other songs weren't published under TEAM Entertainment's label. 

Some notable artist from TEAM Entertainment are: REVO, Jimang, mao, eufonius, Haruka Shimotsuki, Noriko Mitose, yocuza, and so on.

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Some stories from "Overheard at UP" - 02

NOTE: originally posted by Pau Garcia

Kilig na eh tapos bigla n ako napatawa. Nevertheless, ang cute ng kwento - Skye

"Breathtaking." - NY Times
"Comparable to Harry Potter." - J.K. Rowling

Bandang 5pm kahapon (November 22, 2012) nang sumakay ako ng Jeep papuntang UP Campus galing Q.Ave. MRT. 6:30 ang klase ko and I was on leave from work so I was in my usual plain shirt-maong-slippers outfit. (I'm taking a post-grad degree.)
Hindi talaga ako uumupo sa may tabi ng driver dahil feeling ko lahat ng alikabok at usok sa kalsada ay nalalanghap ko. Plus, hassle kpg nsa my kambyo ka. Pati ako parang nakakambyo din. @_@ Pero for some odd reasons, I took the front seat. When I got in, may nakaupo na right beside the driver. So sa outer seat na ako.

Si Kuyang nakatabi ko ay maputi, matangkad, mejo stubbled at halatang kumukuha din ng post-grad degree dahil mukhang galing din xa ng work. Except sa pagiging maputi, sya ang tipo ko. Naka pang opisina si kuya, at may dalang Dell na laptop. Bilang mukhang he belonged to the top of the food chain, hindi ko sya maxadong pinapansin. Xempre yung mga nsa tuktok ng food chain ay nsa tuktok din ng food chain ang hanap. So ayun.

I just went on to read my little black book. Nagsa-sounds din ako on its max volume so wala tlga akong nararamdaman sa paligid ko. Pero nahalata ko sa peripheral view ko na parang nakikibasa si kuya sa binabasa ko. I felt awkward so I kept my book. Instead, inenjoy ko na lang ung pinapakinggan ko habang pinagmamasdan ang mga tao sa kalsada at inaalala na kung matawag ako sa recitation sa araw na un ay tiyak na nganga ako. (Sa klase namin, ang recitation ay at least isang oras at unlike sa undergrad, kelangan mong tumayo.)

Dahil sa labas ako nakatingin, hindi ko maiwasang mapatingin din sa side mirror. There I saw kuya looking at me. At first, deadma lang muna. Ayoko magpaka-assumptionista. And I wasn't really sure if he was looking at me or somebody else through the side mirror.

Pero everytime na mapapatingin ako sa side mirror, nakatingin din si kuya. Bandang Lung Center nang maniwala na ako sa sarili ko na ako ang tinitingnan ni kuya. He was charming, neat and looked pretty decent. At that point, nalagpasan ko na ang denial stage. Mukhang interesado nga si kuya. Pero dahil maraming naglalaro sa isip ko that time, deadma pa rin ako. I tried looking at him as well pero poker face lang. As in poker face. Ayokong mag-pokpok face. I defied one of my mantras in life which is: TO BE INTERESTING, YOU HAVE TO BE INTERESTED. I didn't show interest.

Pero ganun pa din. Mahaba ang biyahe. Si kuya, tingin pa rin ng tingin. At ako, isang hamak na nasa ibaba lng ng food chain, ay nakipagtinginan na rin. Minsan lang to sa buhay mangyari. True love ito kung sakali. Mahahabang tinginan ang naganap. Hindi ko nga lang sure kung malagkit ung tingin na un. Aside from the side mirror stares, nakikita ko rin through the side mirror na sumisimpleng tingin si kuya sa akin mula ulo hanggang paa. Mejo off ako sa ganun dahil feeling ko pinpresyuhan ni kuya ang over-all look ko. Mukhang kinukwenta nya kung mgkano aabot ang suot ko mula ulo hanggang paa. Pero keri lang.

Bandang CP Garcia ng i-cross ni kuya ang kanyang braso at ramdam na ramdam ko, buong-buo, solid na solid, ang pagsayad ng kamay ni kuya sa braso ko sabay titig sa side mirror. Uminit ang batok ko bigla. Confirmed. SPARKS! Even more than sparks! MERALCO! Interesado si kuya. Pero dahil hindi naman si kuya nangalabit, I took the gesture na wala lang. Hndi pa rin ako ngrespond. Poker face pa rin. Pero natuwa ako na hindi si kuya nang-harass. Marami na akong naranasang pagpapapansin sa MRT which bordered sa panghaharass kaya mejo natuwa ako kay kuya. Hindi sya aggressive.

Pagpasok ng Univ. Ave., tuloy pa rin ang side mirror escapades namin. Pero poker face pa rin ako. Si kuya, halatang balisang balisa na. Hndi na alam ang gagawin. Buong akala ko bababa na sya ng AS. Pero hindi. Ako naman ay sa may unahan ng Vinzons bababa. Naisip ko, maaring sa Econ bumaba si kuya. Pero hindi pa rin. So ayun, pagdating ng Econ, bumaba na ako. Pero bago ako bumaba, tiningnan ko ulit si kuya. Bumaba na ako dahil naisip ko, kung bababa rin si kuya pwede pa kaming makapagusap dahil maglalakad pa ako ng konti. And as expected, nakatingin din si kuya and finally, ngumiti na sya. Pero hndi! Hindi sya bumaba!
But wait! There's more!

Pagbaba ko ng Econ, tumawid na ako ng jogging lane. Mejo matagal na tumigil ang jeep sa econ so naunahan ko na ito. Pero nang nalagpasan ako ulit ng jeep, pagtingin ko sa jeep, si kuya nakalingon at nakatitig pa rin sa akin. Pero ayun poker face pa rin ako. May nag-overtake na jeep so nawala titig ni kuya. Nung may chance sya ulit na tingnan ako, ayun lumingon sya ulit. Umasa ako. Umasa ako na bababa si kuya. Pero hindi.

At doon na natapos ang halos tatlumpung minutong pakikipagtitigan (through the side mirror) at pakikiramdam.

Pero hanggang natapos ang araw, hindi pa rin si kuya nawala sa isip ko. Wala akong naintindihan sa klase ko nung araw na un dahil kay kuya.

Ngayon, nagbabakasakali ako na nakiki-OVerheard si kuya. Kung wala man sya dito, marami akong babauning aral mula sa karanasang iyon. Isa na doon ang pagsuot ng ID. Kung suot ko ang ID ko nun, malamang nakuha ni kuya ung full name ko at hinanap nya ako sa facebook.

Kung sakaling kaibigan ka ni kuya at may naikwento sya sainyong kagaya nito, pakisabihan na lng sya. Mamaya, sasakay ako ulit ng jeep bandang 5pm. Magbabakasakali.

Alam kong tila hindi tanggap ng mga konserbatibo sa lipunan ang mga gesture na kagaya nito pero sana maintindihan ninyo dahil yes, Kuya din ako. :D

Some stories from "Overheard at UP" - 01

NOTE: originally posted by Kristene Cabasag Ortiz

Way! Ang kyut ng story na ito. Nakaka-inlove! - Skye

Upuan. Ballpen. Dalawang tao. Strangers.

 Nagsimula sa tanong at curiosity ni Chino.

"Hi, anong klase mo dito?"

Maliit lang yung sulat niya. First time mag vandal kasi bad daw yun. Pero ginawa padin niya. Hoping na may sasagot.

Soil1 ang klase ni Iteng nun. yung upuan na sinulatan ni chino ay sa katabi ni Iteng. Nakita ni Iteng na sinulat nito ang salitang:

"Soil1 po, why?"

She just shrugged. and told her self: Nice, vandal vandal din.
Not knowing na yung upuan na yon ay para sakanya.

Next meeting. Pagdating na pagdating niya eh nabasa niya agad ang mga salitang nakavandal sa upuan niya.

"Ah, anong ginagawa niyo dun? Nagtatanim? - Chino"

Since isa siyang Agri student at sawang sawa na na ikonek na pag Agri eh pagtatanim agad.

Sumagot siya.

"Pag ba Soil1 nagtatanim agad? di ba pwedeng inaaral muna at sinusukat ang physical at chemical composition ng lupa? - Iteng"

Nag smirk siya. at pinakita pa sa mga katabi ang ginawa.
Hindi niya alam pero naexcite siyang may sumagot. Pero di naman siya nag expect.

Next meeting.
galing siya sa BioSci. At hingal na hingal silang umupo.
Agad na sinilip ni Iteng ang upuan niya.

"Ah, scientific pala ang approach niyo sa pagtatanim. - Chino"

Naisip niya: ang kulit naman nito ni Kuya. Hindi nga kami nagtatanim dito.

So sinabi nya:

"Uhm, parang mas pagtatanim sa CropScience."
at para maiba ang usapan eh dagdag niya:
"Ikaw, ano class mo here? - Iteng"

Next meeting. Nagstart na siyang matuwa dahil may nakakausap siyang tao pero limited na time lang. At tipong matagal ang sagot at kelangan mo talagang mag intay.

Nagreply si Chino. Wala siyang kakilalang Chino at nakucurious nadin siya kung sino to. Baka mamaya eh kakilala pala niya.

"Math 38 po. - Chino."

"Ah, MATHalino pala to eh. - Iteng."

at nag intay nanaman siya ng 1 araw para malaman ang susunod na sagot dito.

"Ah, hindi po ako MATHalino, sit-in lang po ako dito. - Chino"

"Nice. Ikaw na constant sit-in. Anong course mo? - Iteng."

Akala niya eh dun an yon matatapos since baka ayaw ipaalam ni Chino ang course niya. Pero hindi..

"APHY po ako. - Chino"

"Ah wow, APHY pala to. - Iteng"

Nagdaanan nanaman ang araw at pag pasok niya, may nagsulat na iba.

mga comments ng ibang tao.

May nagsabi ng: "Ay ang cute nyo naman."
Yung iba: "Kinikilig ako sa inyo."
At may nagsabi din na: "Dapat ang title nito eh 'Love story on the Monoblock." in pink markers pa.

Natatawa nalang si Iteng sa mga comment nila.

Nagsulat ulit si Chino. Nagreply sa mga bagong kausap nila sa upuan.

"Ah. hindi ko po mabasa T.T - Chino" pertaining don sa nagsulat in pink markers. Nabubura na kasi.

"Taken na po ako. - Chino" Sagot naman niya sa mga comment ng kinilig sa kanila ni Iteng.

Natutuwa si Iteng sa mga nabasa.

"Same here. - Iteng" reply niya sa 'taken na po ako' ni Chino.

May nag sulat pang iba at sabing: "For granted? - D"

HAHA. Aliw na aliw si Iteng sa mga nagcocomment.

Next meeting eh may humapyaw pa ng: Bagay kayo! HAHAHAHA. Agad agad?

Napaisip lang si Iteng kung bakit naging bagay agad sila at kung bakit kinikilig ang mga tao eh tungkol naman sa subject yung pinag usapan nila.

Nagcomment si Chino: "Iteng, bakit ang dami nating fans?"

At nagreply si Iteng: "Ewan ko din eh :)"

Hindi na nagrereply si Chino after nun. baka hindi na pumasok. Isip ni Iteng.

May nagvandal pa na nagsabing: hi Chino, hi Iteng! bagay kayo! - Stel

HAHA. "Hi Stel." nalang ang naireply ni Iteng habang natatawa. Mga tao nga naman.

Naglagay siya ng panibagong sulat: "Sophomore ako, kayo ba? - Iteng"

At si Chino lang ang nagreply. "Batch 11 ako!"
At natatawang sinabi ni Iteng: "Weh? for real?"

Hindi siya naniniwala.

Nagsulat ulit si Chino: "Aw, paubos na ang space na susulatan."
At sagot ni Iteng: "Paalam na ba? HAHA."

Pero hindi pa don natapos ang lahat.

Sinabi ni Chino: "Ay single na pala ulit ako."

At may nagcomment: "Iteng! single na daw ulit si Chino?"
Tsaka: "Single na ulit si Chino, Ba't di nyo nalang kasi ibigay yung number nyo sa isa't isa?"

At kinomment ni Iteng ang tunay niyang pangalan. Bahala na si Batman. baka mahuli pa siya sa ginawa niya. Kaya naman sinulat niya ito sa pinatuyong correction fluid. Para madaling matanggal. If ever.

Hoping na mabasa agad yun ni Chino.
Pero hindi. Kasi walag nagreply. As in linggo na ang dumaan. May ibang comment na: "Ang cute nyo" "Bagay kayo" and the likes. Pero walang reply si Chino.

May nagcomment pa sa lumang reply ni Chino na 'taken na daw siya' at sinabing: "Mas madaling hulihin ang nakataling manok. Just saying."

At napatawa nalang din siya.

Wala ng Chino na nagrereply. wala nadin yung iba.

Haggang sa may nagsulat: "Ano na nangyari?"

At sumagot si Iteng: "Wala na :)"

Nalungkot siya. kaya nagsulat siya : "Mamimiss ko to :("
Dahil totoo naman.

Next meeting eh may nagreply sakanya: " Itong upuan o si Chino?"

"Both :)" ang sinagot niya.

Since wala paring umaadd sakanya sa FB na nagsasabing siya si Chino eh binura na niya yung pangalan niya.

Malapit na matapos ang sem at wala na si Chino.

Hanggang sa..

"Iteng, pwede ba kitang iadd sa FB? - Chino"

Napangiti si Iteng at sinulat ang emailadd niya.

Such a risky thing to do pero bahala na. Gusto niyang makilala si Chino.

One time eh nagbukas siya ng FB at may nagmessage sakanya.

"Hi :) - Chino."

Nakakatuwa dahil thru a chair eh naging magkaibigan ang dalawang tao na hindi magkakilala o hindi pa nagkakakilala.
At sana, sa totoong buhay, ay magkakilala sila, kahit mga magkaibigan lang, at balang araw ay maaalala nila kung pano sila nagkakilala dahil sa isang UPUAN.


TV size version of Yuki Kajiura compositions

I kinda love listening to the TV size version of Yuki Kajiura’s compositions. Well, it’s shorter than the full version but sometimes, I’m quite surprise because of the slight differences in the arrangements.

Besides, weren’t it for this short version we began to the love the whole song?

I’ll list the TV size version of the songs here; yes, this includes the game version and movie version. This list only includes the released material meaning no amateur recorded materials included. I will also provide download links!

Anna ni Issho Datta no ni TV-size HERE
Anna ni Issho Datta no ni TV-size HERE (This is not a case of copy and paste… there are slight differences between this and the one from above! These two were taken from different albums)
edge TV-Edit HERE
Emerald Green (short version) HERE
eternal blue (game ver.) HERE
Hikari no Senritsu (TV size) HERE
Hikari no Yukue TV SIZE EDIT HERE
Hitomi no Kakera TV SIZE EDIT HERE
inside your heart TV SIZE EDIT HERE
I have a dream (Movie Ver.) HERE
Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (TV size) HERE
Kioku 90sec “Liminality” version HERE
Kouya Ruten (TV-size) HERE
Life Goes On (TV Size type1) HERE
Life Goes On (TV Size type2) HERE
Life Goes On (TV Size type3) HERE
Magia TV version~」 HERE
MichiyukiShort Ver. HERE
moonfestamoon festival Minna no Utaver. HERE
Namae no Nai Michi (TV size) HERE
Obsession TV-mix HERE
Parallel Hearts (TV-Size) HERE
romanesque TV SIZE EDIT HERE
Sayonara Solitia (TV Size) HERE
Silly-Go-Round [TV Ver.] HERE
stone cold (TV-Edit) HERE
symphonia TV ver. HERE
Tasogare no Umi TV-Edit HERE
Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora –TV SIZE- HERE
to the beginning TV size~」 HERE
Tsuki no CurseShort Ver. HERE
yasashii yoake TV-size


NOTE: I will remove all the links one year after posting this or when certain conditions or requests prompt me to remove the links.

Somehow, I’m quite intrigued with Sony’s way of releasing the TV size version especially for most of Kalafina’s songs. Almost all of their song’s TV size version, excluding the ones from Kuroshitsuji are now included in this so-called Anime version of the single. WTH. Ripping much?