Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kalafina 「moonfesta」 Released!!!

Another late post -sigh-

Kalafina released their second single prior to the release of their third album 「After Eden」.  「moonfesta」 is a tie-in for a youth-oriented NHK show  「minna no uta」.

I remembered I was really excited with this single because somehow I really like  「storia」 which sounded kid-oriented for me.

Pretty much, the  「moonfesta」 had HIKARU as the main vocal for the verses while WAKANA in the bridge; KEIKO can be heard all through out. The most noticeable here is the instrumentals as it sounded Arabic, no? It's like listening to Arabic Nights.

The B-side  「Yane no Mukou ni」 is a beautiful ballad. 

Well, Every Yuki Kajiura produced single almost always contains an upbeat song and a ballad song. This is true with releases from  「see-saw」,  「Saeko Chiba」, 「FictionJunction YUUKA」, 「FictionJunction」, and for other Kajiura singers.

Here is the cover art:
Tracklist (RE):
1. moonfesta~moon festival~
2. Yane no Mukou ni
3. moonfesta~moon festival~ ~instrumental~

There are actually three versions for the single: regular which contains only the CD, limited A which contains a DVD, and limited B which contains a BluRay.


They used to only have two versions of a single/album until the release of 「to the beginning」 which was released in four versions: regular which contains only the CD, limited A which contains a CD+DVD, limited B which contains a CD+BluRay, and an Anime version containing a CD+Anime-related-DVD.

So from these, I now infer that...

For singles with ANIME TIE-IN, the single will have FOUR VERSIONS.

For singles with NON-ANIME TIE-IN, the single will only have THREE VERSIONS.

For the THREE VERSIONS included, it will contain a INSERT PHOTO OF ONE OF THE GIRLS.

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