Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FictionJunction 「Distance / eternal blue」 Released!!!

FictionJunction is Yuki Kajiura+Kaori, Keiko, Wakana, and Yuriko Kaida
Finally, another single release from FictionJunction! Sadly, no PV was released.

Here's the cover art:
1. Distance
2. eternal blue
3. Distance ~instrumental~
4. eternal blue ~instrumental~

My Review:
M1. Distance
「Distance」 is used as the second ED of the anime 「Mobile Suit Gundam SEED HD Remastered」 starting from PHASE 27; Yes started from PHASE 27 instead of the first post that it will make its first appearance in PHASE 29.

It is a very beautiful ballad. The chanting of YURIKO and KAORI along with the main melody sang by WAKANA and KEIKO is an eargasm! The one I like the most is the overlapping style of singing in the chorus specially KAORI's parts. The bridge part is also an eargasm! I really love the chants.

Instruments wise, this is the first FJ song with string quartet! Love it!

Oh... this song's chords are kinda similar to Kalafina's 「manten」... Try to sing Distance starting the start of strings in manten... The melody of Distance fits, no? I'll try to have an editted Distance x manten soon! 

M2. eternal blue
「eternal blue」 was used as the OP for the PSP game 「Senritsu no Stratus」. The game version of the song was released along with the OST of the game. You can download it somewhere in this blog.

「eternal blue」 was supposedly the third single of FictionJunction but t'was decided that 「stone cold」 will be their third single. Thus, delaying 「eternal blue」's release. The construct of this song is very similar to 「Parallel Hearts」, and 「Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora」. Though the construct of the bridge is very similar to 「stone cold」.

It is a very very beautiful graceful upbeat song; even surpasses the first two title songs! I really loved the bridge part where YURIKO sang the Kajiurago while KEIKO sang the main melody.

Comparing it to a more recent Yuki Kajiura composition, the construct is very similar to Kalafina's 「to the beginning」!

I hope for more FictionJunction songs... Please Kajiura-sama!!! Another Gundam-tie song, please? Or any Studio Sunrise anime.

Here's a FJ logo extracted from the website of FJ. You are free to use it!

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