Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hell Week 2012

Here at UPLB, we have this week we call Hell Week. Why? Because all students have their last [no, these are different from the final] exams scheduled in that particular week. You can have as much as three exams in a day and another 3 exams on the next days.

Hell Week never really had an effect to me back when I was still not taking my major courses in chemical engineering. But now, I can feel the very essence of the lamenting souls who have just died from taking a very difficult exam.

I can't speak for other courses, though.
Almost all engineering exams, about 90%, are scheduled at seven in the evening and these can last for about three to four hours. Grabe as in lusaw na ang utak mo. Sometimes, the problem is that you still haven't started reviewing for the next exam scheduled on the next day! Then you still end up spending the whole night studying all these half-assed teachings of the teacher.

Ngayon, malapit na naman ang Hell Week.
Mine will start the week after this upcoming week.

I hope na kayanin ko lahat ito.

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