Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hell Week 2012

Here at UPLB, we have this week we call Hell Week. Why? Because all students have their last [no, these are different from the final] exams scheduled in that particular week. You can have as much as three exams in a day and another 3 exams on the next days.

Hell Week never really had an effect to me back when I was still not taking my major courses in chemical engineering. But now, I can feel the very essence of the lamenting souls who have just died from taking a very difficult exam.

I can't speak for other courses, though.
Almost all engineering exams, about 90%, are scheduled at seven in the evening and these can last for about three to four hours. Grabe as in lusaw na ang utak mo. Sometimes, the problem is that you still haven't started reviewing for the next exam scheduled on the next day! Then you still end up spending the whole night studying all these half-assed teachings of the teacher.

Ngayon, malapit na naman ang Hell Week.
Mine will start the week after this upcoming week.

I hope na kayanin ko lahat ito.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm in-love with Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail is the third shonen manga which I decided to read because I was bored waiting for updates on the other manga. The first shonen manga I've read [and finished] was Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP. The second shonen manga I'm currently reading right now is Gintama by Hideaki Sorachi.

Fairy Tail features mages from the magic guild Fairy Tail. My personal favorite is Gray because he's so cool!!! Though magic-wise, I like Lucy because I really love the concept of summoning as with the games such as Final Fantasy which features summoners dealing heavy damages to many characters in a large area.

Anyway, I started reading Fairy Tail back in 2010... but last 2011, my External HD which contains the scans I downloaded, stopped working... Damn! The anime adaptation is saved in my HD!!! Argh. Cruel World.

Just recently, after watching sword art online and learned that REMI will be working with Yuki Kajiura, I remembered that REMI was also featured in Fairy Tail OSTs. So I decided to re-watch all episodes of Fairy Tail but sadly, the two seasons were already licensed... DAMN!

With no luck in finding a download link, I decided to continue reading the manga. I continued from the Tenrou Island Arc and now currently in the Grand Magic Games Arc <I think this is not the right name for the arc>... wow. I'm in-love with this Arc because it features so many characters from the past arcs and the arc itself features two overlapping plot: the part where Raven Tail looking for a Fairy Tail-exclusive magic and the part where the 12 zodiac keys are to play a major role in the activation of Eclipse.

Surprise surprise! I found a decent well-hidden download link for the first two seasons of the anime. Though my only objection is the overuse of the adfly and linkbucks to the point that the link to a sub-page in the site contains three consecutive adfly and linbucks... not to mention that the links are located in mediafire and shitty mediafire is now overloaded with shitty ads! Thank God for adblock!

Oh well, that's that. I'm currently in-love with the manga, the anime, and the ost [and of course REMI].
I'm really excite with the turn of events of the latest arc

That's all!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

REMI is now an official Yuki Kajiura vocalist!!!

Yes, that's right.
REMI is now officially working for Yuki Kajiura.

I first heard REMI from the collaboration single of Revo & Yuki Kajiura titled 「Sajin no Kanata he」, where she, along with KAORI, KEIKO, WAKANA, YURIKO KAIDA, and YUUKI, sings the first track of the single.

After that, I started listening to Sound Horizon's discography. She's really good. If you compare her to other Yuki Kajiura vocalists, I say she has a voice just like Hanae Tomaru when she's singing in soprano and just like KAORI when she's singing in mezzo-soprano.

She's also featured in lots of anime soundtracks such as Fairy Tail, Mononoke, Naruto, and so on.

She's currently featured in the anime 「sword art online」 where Yuki Kajiura is composing the BGMs. And oh my gosh! I love her Kajiurago track from Episode 2!!! Very very good!

I do hope that Kajiura collaborate with her again in her next compositions. Who knows? She might be appearing in the next FICTION III album. Well, that's just me hoping.

Lacus Clyne (Rie Tanaka) 「Mizu no Akashi ~ReTracks」

So wazzup?
I've been spending my free time watching lots and lots of anime.
On PHASE 34 of the anime Gundam SEED HD Remastered, Mizu no Akashi was played.

You can download the extracted audio of 「Mizu no Akashi ~ReTracks」 as used in the anime here

The anime shows Lacus singing it in an empty concert hall while Athrun, together with Haro, approaches her. The variation of the arrangement of the instrumental is very similar to that of the accoustic version and the FictionJunction version.

The ending credits