Friday, June 1, 2012

More Colored Drawings!!! Now with Solid Outlines!

Yesterday, I started making the line art of a drawing and afterwards, I realized that making a line art with solid outlines is more efficient than the pencil outlines in terms of ease of coloring.

Here's the first drawing with line thickness set to 2 so it's a little bit large...
Sweet!!! I really love the dark-skinned guy! He looked like a puppy. While the light-skinned guy looked like a tsundere. 
This was originally from Sketch VOL.#3 ~Summer 2011 Special.

The latest and only drawing that I've colored today is...
I really loved the shadings of the polo of the guy.
This was originally from Sketch VOL.#6 ~after shock!!!

Hope you'll like it.

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