Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kaori Oda in AMNESIA SONG COLLECTION「Remember」+ Another Union

Kaori Oda is one my favorite Japanese singers. The very first time I heard her voice was when I was still watching Anime Tsubasa Chronicle wherein she sang two IN songs, 「tsubasa」and 「dream scape」, under the name FictionJunction KAORI; FictionJunction KAORI, at that time, is a duo unit of acclaimed composer Yuki Kajiura and Kaori Oda. Because I really loved her voice, I started to look up her discography and I found out that she's also a singer of the Fantasy Band Sound Horizon. Ahh... I really loved her songs with the SH. Though, I hope she get to sing solos in the future releases of SH.

After her graduation last March 2010, she re-started/resumed to collaborate with other singers/bands/composers outside the FictionJunction and Sound Horizon circle; re-started/resumed because she did some collaborations before joining FJ and SH.

Starting with her participation with the Ouzoku Band's mini album 「CROSS PEACE」wherein she sang two songs titles 「Sayonara no Kawari ni」and 「Flowers in Paradise」.

Next is her participation with the popular doujin singer Haruka Shimotsuki's new doujin mini album 「Kaso Shoujo ~Lip-Aura~ Gensou Kakkyoku Shuu」wherein she sang two songs.

Presently, she sang the OP and ED of the PSP game AMNESIA LATER. Later, she also sang the theme of the drama CD of the game. The three songs were not released in a single [shame!] but were released in a compilation album containing songs from the first game and the second game.

Since I'm not a fan of the the other singers from the album, I only retained the ripped tracks which Kaori sang. hehehe.

You can download it here:

Another NEWS!

Due to Kaori's participation in Ouzoku Band, a new rock band was formed with the name Another Union. More information in their official website. I can't wait to hear their songs considering that Kaori's the only vocalist of the band.

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