Friday, June 8, 2012

FictionJunction 「distance」+ Anime EXPO 2012

It was announced earlier this day that FictionJunction will perform the new ED of Gundam SEED HD Remastered. The new song will be titled 「distance」and I presume that this will be use in PHASE 27 just after the span of the ED「Anna ni Issho Datta no ni ~ReTracks」.

Here are some proofs:
1. Taken from
 2. Tweet from @listen_anime

I'm watching the HD version of the series and at some time, I kind of thought that "what if FJ will provide a new OP for the series?" then I scratched off the idea immediately after rewatching PHASE 14 wherein the same OP was used as that with the original version,

Then, just this afternoon, after I was looking at the announcement of OP and ED of Sword Art Online, a new anime in which Yuki Kajiura will provide the music, I scrolled farther and was shocked to see FictionJunction in the list!

Hell Yeah!

New songs from FJ is always a good news for me. 

And this would be FJ's first ED! 
「stone cold」switched with 「kiseki」in the half of Anime SACRED SEVEN doesn't count.

Though still no official announcement was made if the new song will be released as a single, I kinda already assumed four possible outcomes:

1. 「distance」will be released as a single along with a b-side. Some thought that 「Eternal Blue」would be a possible b-side but I thought that maybe they will include another Gundam SEED-tied song. Then I remembered that FictionJunction YUUKA's 「akatsuki no kuruma」was already featured in PHASE 24 of the original running of the anime. So I think that along with 「distance」is 「akatsuki no kuruma ~ReTracks」, no?

2. 「distance」will be included in FictionJunction's new album. I think this is a great way to improve the sales of the yet-to-be-announced new album as having a Gundam-tie always boosts the sales. Plus we'll be having the full version of「Eternal Blue」. Another reason that I thought this would be included in FJ's album is because of the upcoming ANIME EXPO 2012 wherein FJ will be performing in a 1-hour concert... thus they should be promoting a new album, no? THOUGH! Yuki Kajiura's 「FICTION II」is considered relatively new so they might promote that instead along with other new animes wherein Kajiura did the OST.

3. 「distance」would be included the BD BOX of Gundam SEED HD Remastered as a bonus. I DON'T WANT THIS!!! Though I'm sure that LATER [very very very later] that this song will be eventually included in a new album.

4. Or Kajiura will wait until almost 14-15 tied songs are made and compile it in an album like how she did it with see-saw's 「Dream Fielld」wherein only 1 song is not tied! No new song?!?! Oh and if you're also a fan of Chiaki Ishikawa, see-saw's other half, her new album contains 80-90% of tied songs. So yeah.

Though I'm hoping that either of the first two will be the right guess.

Another NEWS!!!

As I've mentioned earlier, FictionJunction will be attending the ANIME EXPO 2012 at Los Angeles.
More Information HERE

This will be FictionJunction's first appearance outside Japan. Also it was announced that a special guest would be participating with the 1-hour concert. And from the posters I've seen, they will be most likely to sing songs [though am still not sure if only J-POP or will include the Kajiurago and English songs] from anime .hack//Sign, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Pandora Hearts. With the inclusion of the .hack//Sign there, this made me think that the special guest would be Emily Bindiger [but I don't like her at all, SORRY!]

I'm already sure that FJ will be performing their 3 single title songs.

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