Friday, May 25, 2012

Kalafina 「to the beginning」Released!!!

Another late review!!!
I've been waiting so long for this single to come out in the market. Finally, it's here.
 「to the beginning」is Kalafina's 10th single and the title song was used as the OP for the anime Fate/Zero S2, the second season of the anime series.

Here's the single cover:
「to the beginning」cover

Here's the Tracklist:
1. to the beginning
          chorus: Hanae Tomaru, Yuriko Kaida
2. Manten
3. to the beginning ~instrumental~

M1. to the beginning
          A very typical FJ-style OP song, really. But! What does Kalafina have in this song that's not in FJ's songs? A Wakana and Keiko [and sometime Yuriko Kaida] harmony? WRONG! FJ also has Wakana and Keiko harmonies in their songs. And that, my friend, will never ever disappear from Yuki's compositions... So what's unique with this song compared to FJ's OPs? First, Keiko got to sing a solo part not just in the bridge. Second, Hanae Tomaru's soprano vocals + Kajiurago; If my math's correct, this is the fourth Kalafina song in which Hanae did the chorus along with 「oblivious」, 「fairytale」, and 「Lacrimosa」. Third, the more noticeable Hikaru and Wakana harmony during the chorus parts.
          And what are the similarities? First, The violin solos like in 「Parallel Hearts」, 「Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora」, and 「Eternal Blue」. Second, the kajiurago sang during the violin solos like in 「Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora」, and 「Eternal Blue」. Third, the key change like in 「Toki no Mukou, Maboroshi no Sora」in which it was like KAORI, WAKANA, then back to KAORI again; 「to the beginning」had KEIKO, WAKANA, HIKARU, WAKANA, then HIKARU again. Fourth, is the "bursting effect" on the chorus of the second verse similar to 「Parallel Hearts」and 「sprinter」. I'm sure there are more but these are the really noticeable similarities.
          But make no mistake, I really love this song.
M2. Manten
          This song is the japanese version of 「let the stars fall down」from 「Fate/Zero Original Sountrack Vol.1」and was used as the ED for episodes 18 and 19 of the anime which featured Kiritsugu's childhood story. This is a really good song which showcases the heavy usage of harmonies and lots of keychanges, mind you! Though not a very new style of song for Kalafina.
          One flaw that I've noticed with the released of this single is that it was released too soon! I think it was around episode 15 of the anime. I mean, if they were gonna use 「Manten」as an ED for episodes 18-19, then they should have released it at that time. Because, duh! There are two tie-in songs in this single!!! Such a waste... -sigh- and I was also hoping this would surpass the first season's OP and ED.

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