Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attempt to Color my Drawings using Paint.NET

The title says it all ahahaha!
My very first colored drawing was...
which was included in SKETCH VOL.#2. This was colored using oil pastels. I did it around 2009 just before I entered college.

And now, with lots of people asking me to color my drawings, I tried to color my drawings using Paint.NET. Paint.NET is a program I discovered last year when I started editing [mostly edit through trimming] my drawings.

Here's the first drawing I tried to color...
A typical yellow hair + emerald eyes + light skin scheme.

After lunch, I tried to color another drawing... 
Here's the original drawing:

And here's the colored drawing:
I patterned the color scheme from Kagami of Anime Lucky Star.

I want to learn more!!! Can anybody please help me?

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