Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fate/Zero Original Soundtrack Vol.1 Released!!!

Yey! Another soundtrack composed from my favorite Yuki Kajiura!!!
Fate/Zero is the prequel for the anime Fate/stay night [which I've already watched back when I was still in high school].

I knew Fate/Zero anime would be good since Kajiura's composnig for it. I'm bias, I know. hehehehe. Somehow, since Kajiura started composing for Sony's animes [starting from Kara no Kyoukai then Puella Magi Madoka Magica], she hadn't released any stand-alone osts for each animes. Instead, all her works are fu*king bundled with either the DVDs or the BDs of the anime. This issue was a major concern with fans of Kajiura because they have to buy expensive anime paraphernalia just to acquire the original soundtrack.

Oh well. Thanks to those who shared their copy.

Here's the delicious tracklists:
  1. Point Zero
         Vocals: Yuri Kasahara and Tokyo Konsei
  2. let the stars fall down
         Vocals: Hanae Tomaru
  3. grief 
  4. nervous
  5. confrontation
  6. the battle is to the strong
         Vocals: Hanae Tomaru and Tokyo Konsei
  7. evacuation
  8. the legend
  9. little drop of peace
  10. the beginning of the end
         Vocals: Eri Ito
  11. if you leave
  12. rabble-rousers
  13. strategy 
  14. unrest
  15. back to the wall 
  16. secret maneuvers
  17. an eerie enemy
  18. assassin
  19. a chaser 
  20. to be continued
         Vocals: Yuri Kasahara and Tokyo Konsei
  21. painful
  22. rule the battlefield 
  23. forebodings
  24. tragedy and fate 
I still haven't digested most of the songs though I've listened to it a lot of times already.
My favorites are: Point Zero, the battle is to the strong, and grief.
I've to say that grief had similar melody with Tsubasa Chronicle's Hear Our Prayer.

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