Friday, October 14, 2011

Kalafina 「After Eden」released!!!

Actually, this one was released last September 21, 2011... I was just too lazy to post about it.
Now, let's get down to business.

Here's the Regular Edition CD cover. I kinda like the blue-ness of this one over that of FictionJunction's stone cold cd cover. I sooper love Hikaru's pose ^_^

          Also, there are a lot of Yuriko Kaida doing the chorus here... I wonder how will these songs will sound in the live version where either Wakana does the soprano+vibrato [like in sprinter LIVE], or Hikaru shouting [like the one in Natsu no Ringo... albeit Lacrimosa's Kajiurago was mostly done by Hanae, I like Hikaru's version], or Keiko doing falsetto [ like how she did with oblivious LIVE]. At least we've got to enjoy two versions of the song... and no, I'm not talking about other artists covering Kalafina's song because obviously, they can't carry it.
1. Eden
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
2. sandpiper
          Chorus: Yuki Kajiura
3. Magia (Puella Magi Madoka Magica ED)
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
4. Kugatsu
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
5. in your eyes
6. destination unknown
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
7. neverending
          Chorus: Yuki Kajiura
8. Kotonoha
9. magnolia
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
10. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (Kuroshitsuji II IN)
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
11. Mune no Yukue
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
12. snow falling
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura
13. symphonia (Rekishi wa Historia 2 ED)
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida, Yuki Kajiura

Promotional Video is for symphonia. Unfortunately, SMEJ has already banned the uploaded video. I hope SMEJ publishes free PV in its Youtube account like how Flying Dog does.

My Top 5 Favorite (only the new songs, k?)
1. sandpiper
2. in your eyes
3. destination unknown
4. magnolia
5. Mune no Yukue

Personal Note:
          I like this album better than Red Moon. Red Moon's tracks seemed a little bit random. Okay, very random. But seventh heaven is still the best among the three, maybe because Majority of the songs [7 ED themes + overture with follows a pattern from M1 of the first Kara no Kyoukai OST] were tied with Kara no Kyoukai [ and shit! I love this anime!].
So it's seventh heaven > After Eden > Red Moon.
Yuki Kajiura is sooper amazing!!! I sooper love you forever!!! You changed my life!!!
I hope Kajiura get to compose more Kalafina songs... oh and FictionJunction songs too!!! I kinda miss those guys... only releasing 1 single per year.

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