Monday, August 29, 2011

FictionJunction 「stone cold」 released!!! + Yuuka Nanri「輝跡-kiseki-」

Finally, (after the sooper long wait) FictionJunction released a new single!!!
It's been a while (about year) since the release of 「Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora」 that was use as OP theme for Anime Ookamikakushi; also the same anime to which Yuuka Nanri provided the ED theme with working title 「Tsukishirube」.

This time, FictionJunction and Yuuka Nanri will be providing their own song for the OP theme and ED theme respectively for the new anime series Sacred Seven.

Let's review FictionJunction's song first.

Here's the CD cover and it's sooper bluish. The remainig part of the booklet husts the eye, really.

1. stone cold
2. hitorigoto
3. stone cold -instrumental-
4. hitorigoto -instrumental-

Promotional Video:

They're pretty cute, ne??
It's good to see them back!!! 


M1. stone cold
           A very catchy song. Perfect for an OP of anime's like Sacred Seven. The only difference of this song from FJ's earlier single is the absence of the violin (Parallel Hearts and Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora had those sooper catchy violin). Kajiurago wasn't deeply emphasize like Toki no's. KAORI and WAKANA still had the most lines. YURIKO and KEIKO were in the background as support to both WAKANA and KAORI but they also had some solo lines in the bridge. Over-all, it still follows the formula of Parallel Hearts and Toki no where KAORI sings first (though she sang small Kajiurago in stone cold), WAKANA sings the chorus and sometimes does the Kajiurago, YURIKO KAIDA sings the upper octave and Kajiurago, KEIKO sings the alto for KAORI or WAKANA (and together with YURIKO, also sings their solo in the Bridge).
          ...and... In the PV, Yuki Kajiura also sang along with YURIKO KAIDA in the Kajiurago. Very Tasty.
Those legs of KAORI were to die for. WAKANA looks very ssseexxxxy in the first chorus. KEIKO's so hot!!! YURIKO KAIDA's hat is cute. This PV is better than Parallel Hearts and Toki no... way much better.

M2. hitorigoto
         mmm... I wish FictionJunction's A-side songs weren't formulaic as their B-side songs. Hitorigoto's very different from Parallel Heart's Hitomi no Chikara and Toki no's Nohara. Each B-side's very uinque and different from each other (well, aside from the Kajiurago which I think, should always be given to YURIKO KAIDA). Hitorigoto's a mix between a ballad and a jazz. KAORI sang most of the part (I stated most of the part because unlike Hitomi no Chikara which had only YUUKA singing and Nohara which had KEIKO (and some KAORI in the bridge), Hitorigoto features all four of theme visibly singing JAP. Wheee!!! I really like KAORI (maybe that's why I love this single the most because it highlights KAORI)
         For me, it's the best b-side of FJ. (For Kalafina, I only liked adore ee)


Now let's talk about Yuuka Nanri's kiseki

Here's the CD Cover:

1. kiseki
2. Anata to Watashi no Uta
3. kiseki -instrumental-
4. Anata to Watchi no Uta -instrumental-

Promotional Video:


M1. kiseki
         I always liked Yuuka Nanri's a-side songs (Tsukishirube and Shizuku). This one, I like too! Very catchy like her previous a-sides. Very similar only in the instruments and Osawago. Not very formulaid like FJ's. 
        Very similar on how her previous songs as FictionJunction YUUKA were made very different from each other.
        I like her PV!!! She's so cuteeeee!!! I wish she goes back on being FictionJunction YUUKA. I miss those times.


As for the anime Sacred Seven, I only started watching it yesterday and I've grown to love this series. Very unique plot as expected from sunrise... also include the fact that the main character looked like Lelouch 9also from sunrise) only with silvery hair. Handsome ^_^


Hoping for new singles... -sigh- I hope FJ releases a minimum of three singles per year like Kalafina and not one single per year.

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