Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sketch VOL.#4 ~Early Drawing Renewal: Project evil_wing + L.A.

I've already decided to include renewed character designs of my old project, evil_wing, in this folder.
evil_wing, is the title of a short story that I made... like 4 years ago? Back when I was still in highschool?
Plot not included. Sorry, it's a bit crappy as the drawing.

Yes, my drawings used to be [a lot more] crappy until recently when I decided to create a unique drawing style XD

VOL.#1, in general, has a mix drawing style.

VOL.#2 includes two drawing style.

VOL.#3 includes only one drawing style.

The styles are not very observable, mind you. I can only tell.
But those who have keen eyes... =D

One more thing, I'm moving all my folders to Picasa Web Albums.
Uploaded images in facebook enhances the crappy-ness of my drawings. XD

The link to VOL.#4 will be posted here... SOON.

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