Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK I Released!

The widely anticipated first soundtrack of Studio SHAFT's first original anime, Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica, is finally released!!!

It's a shame though that this piece of Yuki awesomeness is bundled (YES! It's BUNDLED! Major crap to some of us who wants a stand alone ost) with the (i think LE of DVD or) Bluray Disc.
How 'bout those who don't have a bluray disc player? 'The hell...

just like what happened with the seven osts of Kara no Kyokai...
at least, PMMM's ost has titles (in Latin)
while KnK's titles got M#, M#+#, etc.

I wish that a stand-alone ost be made :(
I DEMAND!!! (damn you SMEJ!!!)

Here's the album cover:

Here's the tracklist:
1. Sis puella magica!
          Vocal: Eri Ito
2. Salve, terrae magicae
3. Gradus Prohibitus
4. Credens justitiam
          Vocal: Eri Ito
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
5. Clementia
6. Desiderium
7. Conturbatio
8. Postmeredie
9. Puella in somnio
10. Umbra nigra
11. Terror adhaerens
12. Scaena felix
13. Pugna cum maga
          Vocal: Fion (although it's not in the credits)

Here's my very short review:

I like the whole ost. The only thing I didn't like is it being bundled with the DVD/BD. -sigh- The second ost will also be bundled with another DVD/BD. -sigh- 
I'm expecting moar epicness in the second ost.

M1. Sis puella magica!
     The overly repeated music of anime :) Of course, it's the main theme after all. There's a lot of Eri Ito appearance lately, eh? That's great since I like Eri berry much :) After all, she's the first Kajiurago vocalist that I've heard (from Tsubasa Chronicles). Gotta love the flute! Eri Ito never ceased to amaze me.
This music also appeared as vocal-less track in the anime. Maybe, it'll be released in the second volume (Maybe not).

M2. Salva, terrae magicae
     Played during intro of fanmade drawings and during the training of Homura (with a laddle). Very tranquil compared with the rest (mostly) of the dark-themed music.

M3. Gradus prohibitus
     For me, it's the darkest/heaviest music in the ost. Very similar with "killing" in NOIR ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK II where a creepy female voice is heard in the background along the bells which intensified the creepiness. For some reasons, the voice in the music sounded like Fion. Try listening to "saints" from MADLAX O.S.T. 2

M4. Credens justitiam
     Mami's theme as credited by others :) Truly enough, it was played during Mami's transformation behore she was eaten nyahahahah. The music was quite short (longer than DARKLORE but shorter than Bloody Rabbit). I was expecting for a 3-minute Eri awesomeness but this will suffice... NO! I want an extended version!

M5. Clementia
     Very nostalgic... the oboe's perfect... very perfect. I wanna fly!!! I'm imagining a scenery like the one in Rune Factory 3's Privera Forest: Flower Field. Again, too short. Reminds me of "grandpa's violin" from .hack//Liminality ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and "blue clouds" from Tsubasa Chronicles Future Soundscape II.

M6. Desiderium
     Gotta love the piano!!! I wish I could play the piano... very similar to "little one, so sweet" from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape IV. A simple piano piece, yet packed with much curiosity-like feelings.

M7. Conturbatio
     The title sounded like a final move's name to defeat a boss. Scenario: "See you in hell! Come taste my... conturbatio!" nyahahah :) Is this an orgel being played? It sounds like a music box. Very cute and romantic. 

M8. Postmeredie
     A very catchy tune with the acoustic guitar :) It sounded like the bgm in some cooking show.

M9. Puella in somnio
     After the mellow M6, M7, and M8, comes another creepy music. Not as creepy as M3 but is worth listening. This may sound better with Kasahara or Hanae in it. 

M10. Umbra nigra
     The intro reminds me of the intros in Sound Horizon's Marchen... minus the vocals. The very feeling of being cornered in the darkness with no body around. -shiver-. 

M11. Terror adhaerens
     Violin again! The very best of almost every Yuki Kajiura music are the strings. The first half is very simple yet come the second half, the strings spread like fire. Try "darkness comes" from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Sounscape IV. Very similar.

M12. Scaena felix
     Another transition. Seriously, it sounded like a Harvest Moon Fall Season bgm. Sounds very sad but very light in a special way.

M13. Pugna cum maga
     The guitar+bass+violin provided the ultimate creepiness +Fion's voice!!! The guitar intro was to die for :) The very badness of witches from PMMM. Almost sounded like Kalafina's Magia intro but a bit slower. Needs an extended version...


Sana may 2nd season ito... pero ndi ko feel na meron. Kasi ano pang merun kapag lahat ng witches eh nawala na?
Well, syempre para madaming Yuki music... para me variety :) 

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