Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sketch VOL.#4 ~Preview

Tinatamad akong magdrawing...
next sem break ulit siguro ako maa-upload ang VOL#4 - onwards...

ito muna patikim ng VOL.#4
gagamitin din ito sa Project L.A. ng Yuki Kajiura Philippine Fan Club.

si Xerxes:

halo halong Howl+L.A.+Alice

si Jeanne:

goth yung damit :)

nakakaenjoy mag-draw nung pusa...
me bago na naman akong na-accomplish na figure :)

Ang buong VOL.#4 ay maipopost next sem break.


Ay grabeng systemone yan... nakakaburyong >:8[
as in soobra...

Ito na nag aking finalized schedule this coming semester...
Hopefully, kayanin ko =)


mga subjects... ay EE1, ChE32, EnSC21, PE2, HUM1, HUM2, at CHEM111...
matinding kahirapan ulit ngayong semester...

Wish me luck... lots of it :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Me in my new RED glasses ^_^

Sadly, ndi parin nawawala ang astigmatism ko ToT.
Tinanong ni ate kanina kong anu daw gusto kong frame... grabe andami kong pinagpilian!!! wahahahah

Pinili ko yung red na frame ^_^
ndi halata dito... T____T
kalandian lang yung mga bulaklak...

namroblema pa sa camerang gagamitin wahahah!!!
no edits, k?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sketch VOL.#3 ~Summer 2011 Special

Eto na!!! Hai, sooper kapagod mag-drawing pero fun!!!
gonna take a break tomorrow :3

This volume, as depicted by the folder's title, is a Summer Special Volume which features ONLY Guys.
No girls muna... I've been drawing girl characters kasi since I was still in kindergarten (kung saan, nainspire akong mag-draw).

WARNING: Me mga MEDYO disturbing na drawings... well, bahala na kayong mag-interpret nun. It's not my lost. Yung mga rigid bodies na included, ndi masyadong maganda ang pagka-draw dahil ndi ko pa naprapractice yon (ex. yung car, table, surf board). Kung medyo me mali sa itsura nung drawing (ex. sooper elongated, etc.), pwes, drawing style po ang tawag dyan. THANKS NANG MADAMI!!!

Eto dalawang samples:


O diba?

Can't get enuf? Here's the third volume... HERE

Am gonna start the first drawing for Volume 4 probably on Monday.
Hopefully, I'll be able to finish and scan it on Friday...

Goin' back to elbi na kasi sa Sunday ee.
Oh well, mag-iipon ako nga drawings for Volume 5... six months din yon.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK I Released!

The widely anticipated first soundtrack of Studio SHAFT's first original anime, Puella Magi ☆ Madoka Magica, is finally released!!!

It's a shame though that this piece of Yuki awesomeness is bundled (YES! It's BUNDLED! Major crap to some of us who wants a stand alone ost) with the (i think LE of DVD or) Bluray Disc.
How 'bout those who don't have a bluray disc player? 'The hell...

just like what happened with the seven osts of Kara no Kyokai...
at least, PMMM's ost has titles (in Latin)
while KnK's titles got M#, M#+#, etc.

I wish that a stand-alone ost be made :(
I DEMAND!!! (damn you SMEJ!!!)

Here's the album cover:

Here's the tracklist:
1. Sis puella magica!
          Vocal: Eri Ito
2. Salve, terrae magicae
3. Gradus Prohibitus
4. Credens justitiam
          Vocal: Eri Ito
          Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
5. Clementia
6. Desiderium
7. Conturbatio
8. Postmeredie
9. Puella in somnio
10. Umbra nigra
11. Terror adhaerens
12. Scaena felix
13. Pugna cum maga
          Vocal: Fion (although it's not in the credits)

Here's my very short review:

I like the whole ost. The only thing I didn't like is it being bundled with the DVD/BD. -sigh- The second ost will also be bundled with another DVD/BD. -sigh- 
I'm expecting moar epicness in the second ost.

M1. Sis puella magica!
     The overly repeated music of anime :) Of course, it's the main theme after all. There's a lot of Eri Ito appearance lately, eh? That's great since I like Eri berry much :) After all, she's the first Kajiurago vocalist that I've heard (from Tsubasa Chronicles). Gotta love the flute! Eri Ito never ceased to amaze me.
This music also appeared as vocal-less track in the anime. Maybe, it'll be released in the second volume (Maybe not).

M2. Salva, terrae magicae
     Played during intro of fanmade drawings and during the training of Homura (with a laddle). Very tranquil compared with the rest (mostly) of the dark-themed music.

M3. Gradus prohibitus
     For me, it's the darkest/heaviest music in the ost. Very similar with "killing" in NOIR ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK II where a creepy female voice is heard in the background along the bells which intensified the creepiness. For some reasons, the voice in the music sounded like Fion. Try listening to "saints" from MADLAX O.S.T. 2

M4. Credens justitiam
     Mami's theme as credited by others :) Truly enough, it was played during Mami's transformation behore she was eaten nyahahahah. The music was quite short (longer than DARKLORE but shorter than Bloody Rabbit). I was expecting for a 3-minute Eri awesomeness but this will suffice... NO! I want an extended version!

M5. Clementia
     Very nostalgic... the oboe's perfect... very perfect. I wanna fly!!! I'm imagining a scenery like the one in Rune Factory 3's Privera Forest: Flower Field. Again, too short. Reminds me of "grandpa's violin" from .hack//Liminality ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and "blue clouds" from Tsubasa Chronicles Future Soundscape II.

M6. Desiderium
     Gotta love the piano!!! I wish I could play the piano... very similar to "little one, so sweet" from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape IV. A simple piano piece, yet packed with much curiosity-like feelings.

M7. Conturbatio
     The title sounded like a final move's name to defeat a boss. Scenario: "See you in hell! Come taste my... conturbatio!" nyahahah :) Is this an orgel being played? It sounds like a music box. Very cute and romantic. 

M8. Postmeredie
     A very catchy tune with the acoustic guitar :) It sounded like the bgm in some cooking show.

M9. Puella in somnio
     After the mellow M6, M7, and M8, comes another creepy music. Not as creepy as M3 but is worth listening. This may sound better with Kasahara or Hanae in it. 

M10. Umbra nigra
     The intro reminds me of the intros in Sound Horizon's Marchen... minus the vocals. The very feeling of being cornered in the darkness with no body around. -shiver-. 

M11. Terror adhaerens
     Violin again! The very best of almost every Yuki Kajiura music are the strings. The first half is very simple yet come the second half, the strings spread like fire. Try "darkness comes" from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Sounscape IV. Very similar.

M12. Scaena felix
     Another transition. Seriously, it sounded like a Harvest Moon Fall Season bgm. Sounds very sad but very light in a special way.

M13. Pugna cum maga
     The guitar+bass+violin provided the ultimate creepiness +Fion's voice!!! The guitar intro was to die for :) The very badness of witches from PMMM. Almost sounded like Kalafina's Magia intro but a bit slower. Needs an extended version...


Sana may 2nd season ito... pero ndi ko feel na meron. Kasi ano pang merun kapag lahat ng witches eh nawala na?
Well, syempre para madaming Yuki music... para me variety :) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sketch VOL.#2

I'm starting a new tag!!! - specially for me talent (daw oh! kafal)
Have already posted the first one. Check it out! HERE

Here's a sample from the first volume
supposed to be me -3DS +DSi

Oh well, expect the first two volumes to contain some of my old drawings :)
Here's the second volume... HERE


quite cute :)

Succeeding volumes shall be uploaded in me facebook folders :)
I'm planning on doing Picasa but my laziness is winning over >:8[

Saturday, May 21, 2011

EnSC 12 Experience - One Month of Hell

Sa aking experience sa summer class, ang pinaka-ayoko ay ang soobrang init na panahon sa Los Banos!!!
Can't get out without getting yourself sooper sweaty like eww!!!
Define the very detailed sweat puddles in your shirt - major turnoff!
Nakapayong na nga and all ee soobrang init! :(
partida pa dahil with sunblock at anti-perspirant deo ha!

Ever ha!
Ang taas siguro ng chance kong ma-heat stroke pag ndi ako bumili ng electric fan :)

Oh well, yun lang mga maicocomplain ko na sooper naka-affect sa aking study habits.

Yung first week ko, syempre sooper sipag ko pa nu?
Nag-first quiz kami... nagreview ako ng bongga pero ang mga tanung ay wala sa inaaral ko, which is good naman kasi ang tanung ay puro tungkol sa sarili namen :)

Come holy week, dalawang araw lang ang klase namen :) SUPER LIKE!
Kaya lang nagsisi ako kasi dapat nagpunta ako sa library nung Wednesday para humiram ng libro... edi nakapag aral sana ako? Haynakoh.

Yung first exam, lagi kong sinasabi, dapat yung ang pinakamataas dahil yung ang pinakauna. Well, nakakuha naman ako ng 88% which isn't half bad.

Dahil napabisista sila mama, na-move yung review days sked ko para sa second exam :(
Ahahahah at nakakuha lang ako ng 74%
Disappointed si sir dahil soobrang dali daw nung exam.
Dahil dun, nagpabonus sya ng +10 SOOPER LIKE!

After nung dalawang exam, parang me na-realize ako...
Parang PHYS3 lang yung unang dalawang part nung exam.
Naalala ko kasi halos wala akong nagets nung nag-phy-physics ako ee.

Medyo pumangit pa ang pagkakaintindi ko nung further lessons kasi napaka-insensitive nung mga tao sa likod ko!
Grabe si ate kung makasipa ng upuan, parang sadya!!! Ramdam ko na yung paa nya sa puwit ko!
Yung isang ate eh kung makatawa eh "kikikikiki"!
Parang witch!
Kung nagsasama silang mag-ingay ay soobrang mapapainis ka!
Sasabog ang ulo mo sa kikikiki at pagsipa ng bongga!
Eto pa, si ate kikikiki, kapag tumawa yung iba, eh nakikisabay.

Well, ma-eklat sila!
Come third exam, sila ngayon ang umiiyak
Madameng bumagsak nung 3rd exam. halos ata lahat eh kasi yung top 10 namen, 64 yung score!
Oh well, mas naging relax sila sakin.
Dito medyo medyo nadisappoint si Sir. As in makikita mo sa mukha nya.
Supposedly nga magpapatuloy kami ng discussion pero ndi na....
Pinalitan din nya yung buong 4th exam kasi nga ganun yung result nung 3rd.
Oh well, madami kasing nakaperfect sa kabilang section at ako, na highest, eh 90% lang.

Ang fourth exam ay ang pinakamadaling exam at pinakamadaming handicap!!!
Una, umuulan ng bongga with malakas na kidlat! (I hate kidlat)
Pangalawa, Walang kuryente sa buong UP kaya nakakandila ako habang nag-eexam!!!
Pangatlo, andaming lamok!!! SOOOBRA!
Uhh! Oh well, madali naman yung exam at naperfect ko pa sya....

Kaya ayon!!!
Exempt ako from taking the final exams!!!
Exempt ka kung ang prefinal grade mo ay atleast 78% at no exams below 60%

Hay Thank GOD talaga para sa blessing na ito :)
Thanks GOD!
Thanks sa PAMILYA ko!!!
Thanks sa mga FRIENDS ko!!!

All in all, maganda ang experience ko with EnSC 12. Mga 9.5/10 baga
Mas mahirap kaysa EnSC 11, pero kaya parin
Next stop, EnSC 13 :)
Sana maexempt ulit ako.

Yung mantra ko nakatulong kaya try nyo rin!!!
Marissa try mo!

Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.

Sen. Santiago tells Pacquiao to back off - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

Sen. Santiago tells Pacquiao to back off - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos

“May I just make a point of grammar please? The Bible does not say, 'Go out to the world.' It sounds very much like God is encouraging us to go out and copulate in public,”
-Sen. Santiago


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

EnSC 12 4th Exam - [5/17/2011]

Madameng bumagsak ng 3rd exam

Sooper disappointed si Sir dahil supposedly, pang-perfect yung 3rd exam.

madaming naka line of 1 at line of 2 :)

Dahil dun, ni-redo nya yung 4th exam kasi ayaw daw nyang magbagsak ng madami sa summer

Truly enough, madali yung exam!!! As in pang-example lang!
Ndi kagaya nung mga sinagutan ko sa Hibbeler na sobrang effing hirap!

Dahil dyan, kumpyansa na akong ndi ako mga-fi-finals.

Trulaluly enough, ndi nga ako mag-fi-finals :)

Dalawa lang ang exempt at isa ako doon. Imagine? Mga around 36 students kami sa section!!!

I feel for you sir!

MANTRA parin this summer at siguro next sem and forever?:
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

EnSC 12 3rd Exam - [5/12/2011]

Oooh grabe sana mataas ang makuha ko dito.

medyo na-exlat lang sa number 1 pero sure ako sa number 2 at number 3



ang score ko ay 90%!!!
Beat that :)

MANTRA parin this summer at siguro next sem:
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.


EnSC 12 2nd Exam - [5/5/2011]

Anghirap grabe.

Nakakawasak ng confidence!!!


74% lang this time.

pumasa dahil sa partial points ng part 1 at part 2

pero perfect ko ang part 3

sabi nga ni sir, madaming pumasa kahit mali yung mga sagot dahil minaximize nila yung mga partial points. TRUE.

MANTRA parin this summer:
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.
Not good. Must study.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What’s happening with my talent???

I’m really good in drawing characters. I have been ever since I was still a toddler. Exaggerated but true!

RJ, pag binabasa mo ito, gusto kong ipagmalaki na ito lang ang talent ko na maipagmamayabang ko :D.

Anyways, due to lack of technology in my current apartment (no internet, no printer, no scanner… come on!), I won’t be able to post some of my drawings which is much disappointing to my loyal fans. Fans daw oh? Ndi nga commercialized ang mga drawings ko eh. Not yet that is.

Maipo-post ko siguro kapag nakauwi na ako ng Cordon pagkatapos ng summer class. After 1 month of primitive living, maibabahagi ko na din ang aking amazing talent. ^^

Links will be posts soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy nyo muna mga partially finished drawings. HERE.


New Drawings:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The market price of first kiss is quite high

…and I just gave it away for free

image: Dekiru Otoko no Sodatekata

Funny thing. An 18-year old guy like me fussing whom to give his first kiss. What’s the big deal with first kiss anyway?

That’s big deal for girls. With guys, I don’t think so. We’re free to give away loveJ.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot… thinking a lot.

No, I haven’t been thinking straight lately. I’m being confused. Confused over my priorities; which of these should I prioritize? This momentary happiness is nothing but a mere sand castle. I can’t even voice it out.

This is shit.

I want my life back… my life without this feeling of guilt.


Madramang araw J