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Rekishi Hiwa Historia original Soundtrack 2 Released!

The bgm’s that were used in the third season of the show, RHH, were finally released!!!

Yuki Kajiura’s been realeasing a lot of EXCELLENT music this year.
(Kalafina’s Magia, FictionJunction’s Gatherway, the garden of sinners rearranged soundtrack, FICTION II…)

I really like the first original soundtrack specially the song “Historia: closing theme”.

The new soundtrack features KAORI’s (Solo: Kaori Oda, FictionJunction KAORI, Sound Horizon: KAORI) first Kajiurago (Kajiura language) studio recording. Although her participation in FICTION II (notably the image theme of Xenosaga II and heigen) was released first.

The soundtrack also feature Eri Ito who first appeared in the epic Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape[s].

Yuri Kasahara and Yuriko Kaida were the only two, from the first album, who participated again in this soundtrack. Sadly, Hanae Tomaru and WAKANA (FictionJunction WAKANA, Kalafina: WAKANA). Maybe because they are taking a break? Yuki has been using the two of them since Satoyama Soundtrack and the seven original soundtrack + the rearranged soundtrack of Kara no Kyoukai.

Well, WAKANA’s actually not totally out because Kalafina’s storia and symphonia were included as well.

This is the CD cover:
slight change from the first, eh?

1.      1.  until you find a light ~ op theme #5
     Vocal: KAORI, Yuri Kasahara
2.       2. one small light
3.       3. storia
     Vocal: Kalafina
4.       4. chaotic
5.       5. jubilee
     Vocal: Eri Ito
     Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
6.      6.  noisy and unrest
7.      7.  a forced march
8.      8.  the coming ruin
9.      9. I am a small boat on a river
10. 10. a will to go ~ op theme #6
11. 11.a reckless passion
12. 12. the outbreak
     Vocal: Yuri Kasahara
13. 13.  you can go your own way
14. 14. foreboding
15. 15. mysterious
     Vocal: Eri Ito
16.  16. looking back to the past
17.  17.bad things that should happen
18.  18. town of vigor
19.  19. creative power
20.  20. break down the door
21.  21. must go ahead, somehow
22.  22. the breath of the era
23.  23. a fruitless love
     Vocal: KAORI
     Chorus: Yuriko Kaida
24.  24. to the next door  ~ op theme #7
     Vocal: Eri Ito
25.  25. a tiny light
26.  26. symphonia TV ver.
     Vocal: Kalafina

Here’s my review:

The album’s not as good as the first one but has a lot of highlights. It lacks some songs like frenetic which is a very good example of kajiura’s music that’s overused in her soundtracks. The choice of vocalists, mmm… above average J. The main theme, though rearranged in some other ways or with different vocals, is scattered all over (namely: M1, M10, M24… and M3 too!).

J I enjoyed the first album and I’m enjoying this one too!
For highlights, particularly the with-vocals music:

M1. until you find a light ~ op theme #5
     This is one of the music which was patterned from the main theme. KAORI sang the into part and the last part and she’s SO awesome J totally like her voice. Yuri Kasahara sang the middle part… Ahhh…. her operatic voice is soooooo soothing J I like it when Yuri sings with her operatic voice than when she sings with her not-so-low voice (cough MADLAX O.S.T. 2 cough).

M3. storia
     Another music that was patterned from the main theme albeit was sung in Japanese. Kajiura, in her liner notes stated that this was the Japanese version of the song “Historia: opening theme” from the first soundtrack.  Actually, this was used in the first season of the show.
This song was first released as Kalafina’s 5th single. Later, it also appeared in their 2nd album Red Moon.

M5. jubilee
     This song’s very different from the usual Eri Ito vocals from Tsubasa Chronicle Future Soundscape[s], Pandora Hearts Original Sountrack 1, Xenosaga III, etc… The fact that this song wasn’t layered with her own voice but with Yuriko Kaida’s voice (just like E.G.O. from FICTION II). This song… I can’t describe it any better, somewhat portrays freedom or something more of liberation. I may be wrong, L

M12. the outbreak
     The instrumental intro somehow reminds me of a forgotten Pandora Hearts’ music. Yuri Kasahara’s part in the music strenghtened the outbreak-atmosphere that was portrayed in the music. This music is very fitting on the show because… uhh. I can’t explain. Like it’s the part when you reveal some lost things from history… weird L.

M15. mysterious
     Another Eri ito song! Eri Ito’s been used a lot by Yuki this 2011. Maybe she’s starting another combination of Eri Ito + KAORI just like Hanae Tomaru + WAKANA.
The song’s really short. Eri Ito’s singing in high notes this time. The vocal part is what’s giving the song melody unlike M12 where kasahara’s voice isn’t for melody but used in addition to the atmosphere of the song.

M23. a fruitless love
     KAORI!!! She’s not half bad! She can sing clearly in English too! Her Japanese songs are must-heard music! She should be kept as a mainstream singer by Yuki. I’m wishing for another FictionJunction KAORI-only music.
Anyways… this song’s very awesome. Nothing much was altered with her voice. I mean, WAKANA for example, has different singing voice style per Kajiurago music (either she sings like Hanae in kara no kyoukai, sings low in some Kalafina kajiurago parts, etc.)

There’s something unique with her voice. Or maybe, I’m just in love with her voice. What do you think???

M24. to the next door ~ op theme #7
     Last song in the album patterned from the main theme. Eri Ito sings the part of KAORI from M1, only with higher voice. This can be compared with Hanae’s faster version, “tell me more ~ op theme #3”, from the first album .

M26. symphonia TV ver.
     Yuki Kajiura’s been patterning Kalafina’s music title eh? From Lacrimosa, Gloria, storia, lirica, Magia… now, symphonia… mmm. SUSPICIOUS J
The song starts with KEIKO singing the intro, followed by HIKARU, then WAKANA… lastly, their three voice harmony. Typical of Kalafina J. Well I like this song. Will it be released as a single? I think not – it sounds like their typical b-side music. Maybe it’ll be released in full version in their 3rd album. Hopefully J.

So late… Can’t believe I’m posting this 2 weeks after the release… naka-focus kasi ako sa pag-aaral… Tanging salvation ko si Yuki Kajiura J
P.S. More KAORI  please!!!

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