Thursday, March 3, 2011

FictionJunction cover of Gatherway Released! + Yuuka Nanri

Oh yeah! It's been a while! Sadly, this is not a new song. It's a cover of an old song that was used in Brave Exkaiser anime (don't ask me, I'm not much familiar with old animes).

It's a cover of an old song but it sounds so different... like a new song! Well, that's what happens when you include a Yuki Kajiura in a song! Sooper love Kaori in the main! Wakana, Keiko, and Yuriko Kaida were in the  chorus. ^_^ Gotta love Brave exkhaizer! Fire soul! Gatherway!

This song was included in the compilation album, HARVEST. Also featuring some prominent Anison singer... and Yuuka Nanri!

Yuuka covered Arahi no Hero. T'was good with Takumi Ozawa's touch. I miss FictionJunction YUUKA!!!
Why do Takumi... that bitch! JOKE!

Well, the best part of the album (for me) is Gatherway. Only Gatherway. Next, Arashi no Hero. ^_^

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