Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Party Saturday - Christine's Debut

A debut! A debut!
Before narrating everything that happened, let's focus on how I prepared for this bonggang birthday party. I'm gonna be a part of the 18 shots and given that, I have to prepare a speech. I'm not very good in making speeches but I managed to whip out something short yet inspiring (DAW). I hope all my wishes for Christine will come true.

After the HaRmonya concert, Carmine and I, headed to Carmine's dorm to change clothes. Then, I txted Jhona to meet us around 7 PM at Vega Mall after our rendezvous with Benjie. Hungry as Grendel, we ordered Fries from Mcdo before going to the party; well, we were sticking to the FIlipino Time. Truly enough, the party started late and the dinner part was around 10 PM. o.O!

It's been a while since I saw these guys, my fellow Pisayers, and it was during the last birthday celebration of Christine. Greeting here and there, reminiscing the past, admiring the changes... ahhh. Unfortunately, Marissa and Hanna, my closed friends, weren't able to attend because they, according to Jowana, were busy. Much to my disappointment, I shouldn't have expected too much from these girls.

Another thing, thanks to my crash-course of tying a necktie, I was able to do another good deed for the day. I helped my used-to-be kaaway na si Eric to tie his necktie because no one else, supposed to be the girls, responded to his request. Welcome Eric! The amazed Jowana also asked me to teach her the art of tying a necktie. Welcome Jowana!

Back to the party!

The motif of her party was purple and she was wearing a baby blue dress coupled with a shoes that was-to-die-for (well, this is not my exaggerated description but I heard it from the girls beside me). And his escort was the uber handsome (according to her) Don also wearing baby blue polo.

The party started with the 18 roses. Among them, who I personally know, were Benjie, Eric, Apollo, Don, and Mark. Good for them, they only have to go dancing. We, of the 18 candles and 18 shots, were still stuck with with what to say.

Fortunately for us, the part was interrupted because the dinner came... but it was too late as I said earlier, it was served around 10 PM.

It was a buffet. We had pansit, beef stake, adobong tilapia, pork cutlet with white mysterious sauce, lechong baboy, chopsuey... a lot from the menu; But I skipped the menudo. (Ahem, to tell you, I actually don't know the actual names for the ulams that were served. So the menudo thing wasn't actually menudo.)

I felt guilty because I forgot that Jhona is an adventist and a vegetarian. There were vegetable dishes served but it was sauted with pork. There's also the fish but she's eating na pala meat! OMG! Jhona panu ka nabubuhay nyan? I can't do without meat! o.O! Yun tuloy, she only ate the dessert which was a buko salad in a kakarampot na platito. Sorry Jhona!!!

After the dinner, the party continued. Come 18 shots, I was called out first. Gave her my message:

"Happy Birthday Christine Pascual! In behalf of everyone, I would like to wish you one thing: Be Happy. Ang corny no? hahaha! Well yun... I would like to proposed a toast for Christine! May you stay... ah no, please be happy, beautiful, and succesful in every aspects of life. Happy birthday ulit!"

Party party time! Dancing time... BUT we, Jhona, Jowana, and I, decided to not go dancing. We're so anti-social hahahah! Fortunately, we're not alone: Eric, Apollo, and some other unknown guests were sitting and watching the others get wild with the groovy music.

We went back to the cabin and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Jhona went to bed. Jowana and reminisced and talked about anime here and anime there. After that, we had a drinking session. I managed to drink 3 glasses of San Miguel Blue! I actually don't drink but Benjie was a nag! Luckily, I didn't end up drunk. Ha! 

We went back to the cabin and continued our kwentuhan sessions =P Nothing new from them. Still the old Pisayers! 

Jowana and I talked a lot 'bout anime and manga. We're geeks, at least I know. o.O! Had a great time with her! It's been a while since we had kwentuhan sessions like this. Can't wait for Christine's next birthday =P

Jhona, Carmine, and I, went home around 6 AM while the others were still sleeping their tiredness. Hahaha! Love this debut very much =P Christine, I would like thank you for inviting me. Love yah! Mwah!

Here's the souvenir from Christine's Debut =P

The switch to the lights is at the bottom.
More: Photo 2, Photo 3

Unfortunatey, those people that I expected to attend weren't able to come. So sad. o_o

"That Person Looks Different From Usual During a Birthday Party."

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