Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hot, Hotter, Hottest Day!

I wanna munch on ice cubes! What the heck is happening to the weather? Minsan maulan, minsan maaraw?
TUESDAY - SUNNY and extremely HOT

My sweat's oozing everywhere: scalp, armpits, face,... my whole body!
Ahh! I hate it when the stoopid weather keeps on changing to my undesired weather of the day.

For breakfast I had this...

Tuna Paella as introduced by Carmine

San Marino's Tuna Paella is heaven! I never really liked paella but after having this, my world changed. This is one heck of a yummy treat from San Marino.

Anyways, back to the friggin' Hot weather. Arg, to make matters worse, there's a blackout around UPLB campus. Yes, the infamous brown outs of UPLB strikes again.

Me, only aided with an umbrella and a handkerchief, almost died of this intense heat that was intensified by boredom as I only had one proper class: EnSC 11.

MATH 38 and SOSC 3 = Busted. Lecture Halls are pretty much useless to tech-y teachers.

 Ands so the struggle to find enlightenment from this hot weather is still ongoing.

Come Thursday, I have an exam in ChE 31. It's an open notes exam. Heck, because of this, I'm expecting a sooper difficult exam. Damn. Gotta review now.

"Eat Something Sour When You're Tired"

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