Saturday, February 12, 2011


UPLB's string ensemble had an orchestral concert on NCAS Auditorium. Twas my first time attending an orchestral concert and surely enough, I'm very much satisfied with it. The set list was divided into four parts though I don't actually remember the whole song list. The first part featured famous march songs like the very popular Graduation March Song. The second part featured original compositions (some song with vocals) that they performed in theatrical plays around UPLB. I like the voice of the girl who sang "Sa sinapupunan ng laot" ahhh... such a very deep voice. I quite enjoy voices with vibrato and falsetto effect, see? Twas pure love. The third part featured some Western songs and Filipino songs... and Beatle Medley! OMG! The famous obladi oblada BUT only available in instrumental version =P. The last part was the encore where they performed "ALAB", a very heart-warming song,,, ahhh...

Due to public demand, the encore was extended to their performance of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Well, I'm not a fan of Gaga so I'm gonna skip a comment on this one.

This concert's pure love. Ah... I hope they release a Studio Version of this songs... that would be another PURE LOVE =P

Edward and Carmine were quite familiar with the song that were performed in the theatrical plays... ahhh I wish I could bring back time so I could watch the theatrical play with the double enjoyment of HaRmonya's music. Mmm... If only.

"Those whom are alike, fight."

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