Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! - Year of the Rabbit, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
I'm not even aware it's on tomorrow, but oh well, my ENG 1 teacher's very enthusiastic 'bout this. Ma'am R*****o, wearing RED BLOUSE, RED BAG, fiery RED LIPSTICK, RED SHOES, even if she's not feeling well, she decided to meet us (and even bring her laptop which is also RED). She said, in spite of being a Catholic, her family practices some Chinese rituals during Chinese New Year; she shared some of her rituals and insisted that we should try it too. We're supposed to watch (or listen) to a video (or a voice record) and take down notes (as an exercise in LISTENING) but due to the infamous UPLB power shut-down, the plan went to waste. 
Red Color and Money Money Money!!!
The power returned after my CHEM 160 class. Phew~ <stressed on AFTER> Ma'am L*******a doesn't [EVEN] want to waste the lecture time. Instead, she told us to open the blinds and insisted on continuing our lesson in... ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM. And yes, she dismissed us sooper late; I was 5 minutes late in my MATH 38 recitation.

Phew~ MATH 38 exercise, sisiw! chicken! pinakbet!
Hazel, my seatmate, asked me to accompany her to buy a birthday gift for his roommate (luck roommate, huh?) She bought these two sooper cute gothic dolls (costs PhP 135 each). I'm also gonna buy some of these for my cousin Joy and little sister Chamme... IF I'VE GOT THE dong =P

I'm done with my subjects for the day!!! Due to the Palarong UPLB event, my EnSC 11 and MATH 38 classes tomorrow were cancelled. One outliar: SOSC 3 Recit.

Whoo... Can't wait for Friday!!! MWAH!!!
Sana dumami ang pera ko ngayong new year =P

"The Act of Polishing a Urinal is Like the Act of Polishing One's Heart"

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