Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finding the right dress

Last Friday, Krizzia, Carmine, and I, went to SM Calamba to pick out some clothes for Christine's Birthday. Christine kept on telling us that her debut not "bongga" so we can just wear anything. That would have been a grave mistake in our part because the party's just so "bonggang bongga".

Seriously Christine, what's your definition of bongga? Apparently, we have different connotations of "bongga!"

We had our first stop at Jollibee because they, Carmine and Krizzia, were already craving for some carbs to burn. Guess what? I just decided that that would be a part of libre ng libre week! So random, ryt?

Nilibut muna namin yung buong mall and malaki pala sya compared sa SM Sta. Rosa; 3 floors ito at 2 floors lang yung isa. We went around looking for dresses. You see? My attendance to the party solely relies on Carmine's decision as to attend or not. I wanted to attend very badly that's why we MUST find a suitable dress for her. After 30 minutes, we found her dress (I know, not very typical of girls who browses every store they see) in Shapes. She's lucky she got a 50% discount.

Ngaun ako naman! Alam ko na kung anu ang bibilhin ko. I saw it earlier while the other two were browsing in the lady's section. Typical polo-vest-tie combination for men. Pinili ko yung white na polo shirt, black na vest, at red na necktie.

ito ang nagastos ko sa damit:
White Polo Shirt - PhP 900
Black Vest - PhP 1000
Red Necktie - PhP 150

Approximately PhP 2000. Mahal no?
I even forgot to ask for a size change in the polo shirt because it was too large for me; XXL yun eh L lang ang size ko no!

Time to hit the bookstores! Pumunta muna kami sa Book Sale, as you know by the store's name eh nagbebenta ng mga second-hand books for lower prices than original price syempre. I bought this book: Verdigris Deep. Quite interesting, I may say? Pero ndi ko muna sya babasahin kasi exams week na =P

'fter that, pumunta kami sa National Bookstore para madisappoint na wala silang bentang Hibbeler's Static of Rigid Bodies 12th Ed. Arg. Nafrustrate ako. Oh well, I already have the portable document format of the book though it's quite inconvenient to read it in my computer. Meh.

We spent a lot of time looking for some interesting books at ndi na namin namalayan ang time! Mag-te-ten PM na ng gabi and I the SM's closing around 10 PM.

Loka lang, nag-STARBUCKS pa kami eh. It's my first time in STARBUCKS (kelangang naka-capital?). Hahaha Mukha akong ignorante, nakakahiya! I ordered a chocolate chip frappĂ©, yummy! And... nanginginig na ako sa lamig =P brr...

Ofcourse hindi nawala ang pang-aapi sakin ni Krizzia! Darn you Krizzia, after the efforts I did to rescue you from your demise, and this (points at my bruised left shoulder) is what I get? Seriously, I wonder why I'm friends with a wrestler like you! Hahahah yet I declared that our "friends" relationship leveled up to "close friends" due to some unexplainable yet funny reason.

Edward wasn't able to come because he's having another SUSPICIOUS HUM 2 meeting. =P Joke Edward!

Hahahah! Endz!
Going back here on February 20, 2011 for my birthday treat and of course, for the...

"A life without gambling is like sushi without wasabi."

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