Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EnSC 11's a pain in the butt - my groupsmates that is...

I wanna kick their ef**** asses! Grr!!! I have to rewrite my OWN answers to the SUPPOSED to be PROBLEM SET yet half of them didn't show up during the pre-set meetings!!! I really hate it when people, like them, doesn't care a bit about a GROUP WORK. And so, I decided to go indi. Not just now, but also for the following problem sets. I realized that I can actually do this without much help from anyone but myself... and SOME TRUSTED FRIENDS.


Badtrip lang kasi eh... Because of that, I've been munching on this baby while I'm rewriting my answers...

Chocolates... I'm Guilty.
kasalanan nila kung bakit ako tumataba! Hmf! Now that's entirely another story. Nakakastress lang. After finishing the paper for ALMOST 2 HOURS, natulog ako. Paggising ko, awww!!! My head... ack!... it hurts!!! Major Pain!!!

Worse thing to follow? It's my EnSC 11 exam that night! No! I can't take the exam feeling like this! Then I remembered my cousin Joy who used a salonpas to ease the head ache. Ahhh... Thank God for Salonpas!


Ah... all the advance reviewing paid off.

I'm sooper expecting a passing score in this one... better, a score fitting in the Top 10 of the class. That'd be good!

Done with EnSC 11, ChE 31 be ready!

"There is Butt a Fine Line Between Resistance and Stubbornness"

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