Friday, February 18, 2011

CHEM 160 - Second Exam (Easy?)

Okay. That was... easy. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
Uhhh!!! Thanks for the birthday gift Ma'am L*******a! Really appreciate it.

But... uhh. I was really disappointed na ang dali dali lang nung exam. Compared with the first exam, medyo... umm I guess mas okay ang aking scores.

I got 82/100 nung first exam and I'm expecting a higher score in this one.

After the exam, my Mama and Dad called me. Separately ha?

Si Dad muna unang tumawag. T'was a good talk as he shared some inspiring words of wisdom. Thanks Dad. I love you and you know that. MWAH. He even told me na they're gonna go handa handa on me birthday eh ndi naman ako girl para magdebut on my 18th. Funny.

And then, si Mama ang next. Well yun as always, kumustaha dito at doon. She told me na nakalimutan ni Dad na birthday ko kahapon. Seriously Dad?! Hahaha lagi kasi niyang napagbabaliktad with their wedding anniversary eh which is on January 19. Mama I love you! MWAH

And yes, thanks for the money! Harhar. Supposedly, uuwi ako. But... uhh... I have exams next week so yun.

"When talking about your exploits exaggerate by a third so everyone has fun."

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