Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday, Birthdays, and MORE Birthdays!!!

Mga magbi-birthday na relatives ko:
1. Mama - February 10
2. Paul John - February 10
3. Kristel - February 10

Sabay sabay pa eh =D

Anyways, I still have to review! Ack! I have to have a passing score in the second exam in EnSC 11... or else, I have to take the Final Exam which, apparently, SUCKS to the max.

[x] Free Body Diagram
[x] Solving for Supports
[x] Truss Analysis
[x] Frame Analysis
[ ] Machine Analysis

Hahaha! Beat that! I know there are other people out there, playing Ragnarok Online, still not done <or yet, started> reviewing.

Don't ask me later to give you the initiative of reviewing. I gave you enough.

"Eat Something Sour When You're Tired"