Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 6

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. February 10, 2011
4. February 12, 2011
5. February 18, 2011
6. February 19, 2011
7. February 20, 2011

Officially DONE! I'm done and broke. 
More kwento on my next blog entry next week.
My laptop crashed and so I have to uwe on the probinsya by Friday para i-exchange ang laptop ko sa isang functional na computer =P.
See yah next week!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 5

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. February 10, 2011
4. February 12, 2011
5. February 18, 2011
6. February 19, 2011
7. February 20, 2011

nilibre ko ang sarili ko :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

How was my Birthday?

T'was FUN FUN!
Not as bongga as my last year birthday BUT more happy this time.

Una, salamat sa pagbati ni Mama at ni Dad sakin! Ito yung ibang details. Thank you because you gave me the chance to see this beautiful world. Love You! See? I managed to live 18 years! I'm expecting more birthdays and sana makasama ko kayo lagi sa aking birthdays. LOVE YOU LOVE YOU! MWAH! ^_^

Pangalawa, salamat sa pagbati ng kapatid kong si Chamme. I know ading, ndi ko kakalimutan yung pinapabili mo saking toy, okay?

Pangatlo, salamat sa pagbati ng mga malapit kong pinsan: Ate Jonalyn, Joy, Kuya Dondon, Kuya Joemel, Kuya Joemar, Kuya Natz, Insan Kevin, at si Paul John. MWAH sa inyong lahat! Oo, ililibre ko din kayo pag nagkita kita tayo, okay?

Pangapat, salamat sa pagbati ng PPG. Jhona, Marissa, at Hanna salamat talaga. kahit ndi na tayo madalas magkita-kita eh naalala nyo parin ako. Thanks. Inaabangan ko pala yung gift nyo sakin. =P Thanks in advance. MWAH! Ey Hanna, salamat sa pagtwag kahapon. Na-appreciate ko yun.

Panglima, salamat sa pagbati ng mga ka-close ko sa UPLB. Kilala niyo kung sino kayo =P Okay kayo ito: Carmine, Benjie, Guya, Krizzia, Christine Jane, Christine, Edward, Maricar, Rhuby, Tela, at madami pa =P. Thankful ako at naging friends tayo guys! MWAH! MWAH! MWAHHHH!

Panganim, salamat sa pagbati ng mga friends ko sa FaceBook... joke! Hahaha. Salamat sa mga taong bumati sakin through FaceBook. <except si Winna> nako, yung crush ko ndi ako binati ahahaha grabe anglandi. Sa mga pinasalamatan ko sa facebook, mapapansin nyo, pareho o hawig mga format:

"salamat <name>!!! ^_^ God Bless!!! <additional message>"
Nyahahah wag kayo magalit! Thanks! MWAH MWAH! at sa ibang di ko kilala salamat narin! MWAH!

Panghuli, salamat sa mga taong naging parte ng buhay ko. Salamat dahil tinulungan nyo akong hubugin ang katauhan ko. =P MWAH!


Dear God,
        Thank you. I know na andami akong naging kasalanan yet pinatawad mo ako at binigyan mo ako ng chance na mag-18 years old. Sana bigyan mo pa ako ng madaming birthdays. Thank you po! MWAH! Iligtas nyo po ako lagi from evil. MWAH!
Cute nyo pong anak,
Joel Marc

Dahil sa 20 pa ang handaan ko, ito nalang ang pwede kong ishare:
Last Year cake toh
More Cake Picture HERE


"The Other Side of the Other Side of the Other Side would be the Other Side."

CHEM 160 - Second Exam (Easy?)

Okay. That was... easy. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
Uhhh!!! Thanks for the birthday gift Ma'am L*******a! Really appreciate it.

But... uhh. I was really disappointed na ang dali dali lang nung exam. Compared with the first exam, medyo... umm I guess mas okay ang aking scores.

I got 82/100 nung first exam and I'm expecting a higher score in this one.

After the exam, my Mama and Dad called me. Separately ha?

Si Dad muna unang tumawag. T'was a good talk as he shared some inspiring words of wisdom. Thanks Dad. I love you and you know that. MWAH. He even told me na they're gonna go handa handa on me birthday eh ndi naman ako girl para magdebut on my 18th. Funny.

And then, si Mama ang next. Well yun as always, kumustaha dito at doon. She told me na nakalimutan ni Dad na birthday ko kahapon. Seriously Dad?! Hahaha lagi kasi niyang napagbabaliktad with their wedding anniversary eh which is on January 19. Mama I love you! MWAH

And yes, thanks for the money! Harhar. Supposedly, uuwi ako. But... uhh... I have exams next week so yun.

"When talking about your exploits exaggerate by a third so everyone has fun."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 4

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. February 10, 2011
4. February 12, 2011
5. February 18, 2011
6. February 19, 2011
7. February 20, 2011

well, tapos na ang birthday ko kahapon pero ndi parin tapos ang pagiging 18 ko :)
since there are only 2 more days and 2 more unannounced libre ng libre days, then I'll be scheduling it na.
take note, ndi buong araw ang libre ng libre days :) hours lang.

4 Gaming Lessons That Might Just Get You That Big Promotion at MatchMove Games

4 Gaming Lessons That Might Just Get You That Big Promotion at MatchMove Games

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CHEM 160 - Second Exam Checklist

Here's the list of topics that were discussed by Dr. L*******a and these will be included in the second exam on February 17, 2011 (I know, my 18th birthday. Thanks for the gift, Mama L.)

[ ] Enzyme Structure (and specificity)
[ ] Enzyme Classification
[ ] Bioenergetics
[ ] Enzyme Activity (and factors affecting it)
[ ] Models of Enzyme Action
[ ] Enzyme Kinetics
[ ] Enzyme Inhibition
[ ] Electron Transport Chain (and coenzymes involved)
[ ] ATP Synthesis (including Oxidative Phosphorylation)
[ ] Chemiosmotic Theory
[ ] Carbohydrates (including reactions)

Whoo... Too much for me but I think I'll manage =)

"In troubled times, go and laugh, go and laugh"

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Fair 2011

UPLB's February Fair na! Madaming mga attractions this time... DAW ha. ewan ko lang!

Sana wala ng mga kontrobersya at sabotage na mangyayari like nung last year. Ka-katrauma para sa isang freshman na katulad ko ang mga issues na ganito =P

Lez enjoy Feb Fair!

Party Party Saturday - Christine's Debut

A debut! A debut!
Before narrating everything that happened, let's focus on how I prepared for this bonggang birthday party. I'm gonna be a part of the 18 shots and given that, I have to prepare a speech. I'm not very good in making speeches but I managed to whip out something short yet inspiring (DAW). I hope all my wishes for Christine will come true.

After the HaRmonya concert, Carmine and I, headed to Carmine's dorm to change clothes. Then, I txted Jhona to meet us around 7 PM at Vega Mall after our rendezvous with Benjie. Hungry as Grendel, we ordered Fries from Mcdo before going to the party; well, we were sticking to the FIlipino Time. Truly enough, the party started late and the dinner part was around 10 PM. o.O!

It's been a while since I saw these guys, my fellow Pisayers, and it was during the last birthday celebration of Christine. Greeting here and there, reminiscing the past, admiring the changes... ahhh. Unfortunately, Marissa and Hanna, my closed friends, weren't able to attend because they, according to Jowana, were busy. Much to my disappointment, I shouldn't have expected too much from these girls.

Another thing, thanks to my crash-course of tying a necktie, I was able to do another good deed for the day. I helped my used-to-be kaaway na si Eric to tie his necktie because no one else, supposed to be the girls, responded to his request. Welcome Eric! The amazed Jowana also asked me to teach her the art of tying a necktie. Welcome Jowana!

Back to the party!

The motif of her party was purple and she was wearing a baby blue dress coupled with a shoes that was-to-die-for (well, this is not my exaggerated description but I heard it from the girls beside me). And his escort was the uber handsome (according to her) Don also wearing baby blue polo.

The party started with the 18 roses. Among them, who I personally know, were Benjie, Eric, Apollo, Don, and Mark. Good for them, they only have to go dancing. We, of the 18 candles and 18 shots, were still stuck with with what to say.

Fortunately for us, the part was interrupted because the dinner came... but it was too late as I said earlier, it was served around 10 PM.

It was a buffet. We had pansit, beef stake, adobong tilapia, pork cutlet with white mysterious sauce, lechong baboy, chopsuey... a lot from the menu; But I skipped the menudo. (Ahem, to tell you, I actually don't know the actual names for the ulams that were served. So the menudo thing wasn't actually menudo.)

I felt guilty because I forgot that Jhona is an adventist and a vegetarian. There were vegetable dishes served but it was sauted with pork. There's also the fish but she's eating na pala meat! OMG! Jhona panu ka nabubuhay nyan? I can't do without meat! o.O! Yun tuloy, she only ate the dessert which was a buko salad in a kakarampot na platito. Sorry Jhona!!!

After the dinner, the party continued. Come 18 shots, I was called out first. Gave her my message:

"Happy Birthday Christine Pascual! In behalf of everyone, I would like to wish you one thing: Be Happy. Ang corny no? hahaha! Well yun... I would like to proposed a toast for Christine! May you stay... ah no, please be happy, beautiful, and succesful in every aspects of life. Happy birthday ulit!"

Party party time! Dancing time... BUT we, Jhona, Jowana, and I, decided to not go dancing. We're so anti-social hahahah! Fortunately, we're not alone: Eric, Apollo, and some other unknown guests were sitting and watching the others get wild with the groovy music.

We went back to the cabin and stayed there for about 30 minutes. Jhona went to bed. Jowana and reminisced and talked about anime here and anime there. After that, we had a drinking session. I managed to drink 3 glasses of San Miguel Blue! I actually don't drink but Benjie was a nag! Luckily, I didn't end up drunk. Ha! 

We went back to the cabin and continued our kwentuhan sessions =P Nothing new from them. Still the old Pisayers! 

Jowana and I talked a lot 'bout anime and manga. We're geeks, at least I know. o.O! Had a great time with her! It's been a while since we had kwentuhan sessions like this. Can't wait for Christine's next birthday =P

Jhona, Carmine, and I, went home around 6 AM while the others were still sleeping their tiredness. Hahaha! Love this debut very much =P Christine, I would like thank you for inviting me. Love yah! Mwah!

Here's the souvenir from Christine's Debut =P

The switch to the lights is at the bottom.
More: Photo 2, Photo 3

Unfortunatey, those people that I expected to attend weren't able to come. So sad. o_o

"That Person Looks Different From Usual During a Birthday Party."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kalafina Magia

"Magia" is Kalafina's latest single to date and was used as the ending theme for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Ahh... new composition from Yuki Kajiura and new song from Kalafina... the best birthday gift I could get for the year =P

Here's the PV (promotional video) for the single:
(Disclaimer: This video's not mine.Oh, so is the music used. I didn't upload it. Many Thanks to the uploader! )

Hikaru's voice was very powerful! Keiko on the bridge of the song, OMG! Wakana on the high notes! I just love their harmony =P

Just a small talk 'bout the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
     I just love this anime! The story's quite dark for a magical girl series; it's not your typical Sailor Moon anime! To couple the dark story, Yuki Kajiura's providing the music for the series! Mmm! Can't wait for the OST!!!

"Maibou actually fills you up."

Saturday, February 12, 2011


UPLB's string ensemble had an orchestral concert on NCAS Auditorium. Twas my first time attending an orchestral concert and surely enough, I'm very much satisfied with it. The set list was divided into four parts though I don't actually remember the whole song list. The first part featured famous march songs like the very popular Graduation March Song. The second part featured original compositions (some song with vocals) that they performed in theatrical plays around UPLB. I like the voice of the girl who sang "Sa sinapupunan ng laot" ahhh... such a very deep voice. I quite enjoy voices with vibrato and falsetto effect, see? Twas pure love. The third part featured some Western songs and Filipino songs... and Beatle Medley! OMG! The famous obladi oblada BUT only available in instrumental version =P. The last part was the encore where they performed "ALAB", a very heart-warming song,,, ahhh...

Due to public demand, the encore was extended to their performance of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Well, I'm not a fan of Gaga so I'm gonna skip a comment on this one.

This concert's pure love. Ah... I hope they release a Studio Version of this songs... that would be another PURE LOVE =P

Edward and Carmine were quite familiar with the song that were performed in the theatrical plays... ahhh I wish I could bring back time so I could watch the theatrical play with the double enjoyment of HaRmonya's music. Mmm... If only.

"Those whom are alike, fight."

Finding the right dress

Last Friday, Krizzia, Carmine, and I, went to SM Calamba to pick out some clothes for Christine's Birthday. Christine kept on telling us that her debut not "bongga" so we can just wear anything. That would have been a grave mistake in our part because the party's just so "bonggang bongga".

Seriously Christine, what's your definition of bongga? Apparently, we have different connotations of "bongga!"

We had our first stop at Jollibee because they, Carmine and Krizzia, were already craving for some carbs to burn. Guess what? I just decided that that would be a part of libre ng libre week! So random, ryt?

Nilibut muna namin yung buong mall and malaki pala sya compared sa SM Sta. Rosa; 3 floors ito at 2 floors lang yung isa. We went around looking for dresses. You see? My attendance to the party solely relies on Carmine's decision as to attend or not. I wanted to attend very badly that's why we MUST find a suitable dress for her. After 30 minutes, we found her dress (I know, not very typical of girls who browses every store they see) in Shapes. She's lucky she got a 50% discount.

Ngaun ako naman! Alam ko na kung anu ang bibilhin ko. I saw it earlier while the other two were browsing in the lady's section. Typical polo-vest-tie combination for men. Pinili ko yung white na polo shirt, black na vest, at red na necktie.

ito ang nagastos ko sa damit:
White Polo Shirt - PhP 900
Black Vest - PhP 1000
Red Necktie - PhP 150

Approximately PhP 2000. Mahal no?
I even forgot to ask for a size change in the polo shirt because it was too large for me; XXL yun eh L lang ang size ko no!

Time to hit the bookstores! Pumunta muna kami sa Book Sale, as you know by the store's name eh nagbebenta ng mga second-hand books for lower prices than original price syempre. I bought this book: Verdigris Deep. Quite interesting, I may say? Pero ndi ko muna sya babasahin kasi exams week na =P

'fter that, pumunta kami sa National Bookstore para madisappoint na wala silang bentang Hibbeler's Static of Rigid Bodies 12th Ed. Arg. Nafrustrate ako. Oh well, I already have the portable document format of the book though it's quite inconvenient to read it in my computer. Meh.

We spent a lot of time looking for some interesting books at ndi na namin namalayan ang time! Mag-te-ten PM na ng gabi and I the SM's closing around 10 PM.

Loka lang, nag-STARBUCKS pa kami eh. It's my first time in STARBUCKS (kelangang naka-capital?). Hahaha Mukha akong ignorante, nakakahiya! I ordered a chocolate chip frappĂ©, yummy! And... nanginginig na ako sa lamig =P brr...

Ofcourse hindi nawala ang pang-aapi sakin ni Krizzia! Darn you Krizzia, after the efforts I did to rescue you from your demise, and this (points at my bruised left shoulder) is what I get? Seriously, I wonder why I'm friends with a wrestler like you! Hahahah yet I declared that our "friends" relationship leveled up to "close friends" due to some unexplainable yet funny reason.

Edward wasn't able to come because he's having another SUSPICIOUS HUM 2 meeting. =P Joke Edward!

Hahahah! Endz!
Going back here on February 20, 2011 for my birthday treat and of course, for the...

"A life without gambling is like sushi without wasabi."

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 3

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. February 10, 2011
4. February 12, 2011
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. February 20, 2011

hahaha 2 more unannounced libre ng libre days!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 2

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. February 10, 2011
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. February 20, 2011

hahaha 3 more unannounced libre ng libre days!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Dear Mama,
        I just wanna greet you a Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday! I love you! You're the best Mom in the world! More birthdays to come!
        Here's the drama part... I'm thankful that you're my mother. Thankful to God I may say. You know me very well: what I like, what I hate, who I like =P etc. There' just too much to be grateful about. Whenever Dad talks about how hard it was for you when you had your pregnancy of me, I'm really touched on how you struggled very hard just to let me come out (eject?) of this beautiful world. For that, you deserved another THANK YOU.
       <I know I've always been a pain in the ass. Hahaha!>
       Andami kong natutunan from you. Kaya tuloy more of girl ang kilos ko kesa boy eh... hahahah! Your practicality is what I admire the most: mula sa pagpili ng damit hanggang pagbili ng mga pagkain at lahat lahat na; lagi kag may standards and namana ko yung mga standards na yon. Eto pa, ang sarap ng luto mu kaya nagpursige akong matutong magluto; You can always whip up something from the ref. "From simpleng itlog, magiging Magic Itlog!" Angdami mo nang naturuan magluto ah: si Tita Melda, Tita Priscilla, Manang Alyn, Ako, si Joy, si Chamme, etc. hahahah! You taught me how to manage my time very well; though sometimes, tayong dalawa pa ang laging nahuhuli sa lahat ng biyahe natin; much to my Dad's bickering. Ang isa pa, na gusto rin ni Dad sayo, eh yung pagiging matipid mo pero not to the extent na tinitipid mo din kami. Yup, napapabilib din ako sa paraan mo ng pag-save ng money.
       Ang pinakagamit-na-gamit na namana ko sayo ay ang pagiging fighter mo (not literally fighter ahahah ndi namin kaya yun). Hindi ka nagpapatalo sa mga taong, let us say, manloloko (someone comes to mind, hmmm? KAPITBAHAY -cough- MANGUNGUTANG -cough- MAGNANAKAW NA KAPITBAHAY). I'm not very lenient with these kind of people.
      So much to discuss... ahahah next time na yung iba. Sa mga next birthday mo.
      Mama, I LOVE YOU! MWAH MWAH!

Loving Anak,
Joel Marc

"Almost every mother is the same."

Remaining Libre ng Libre Days - Update 1

1. February 5, 2011
2. February 8, 2011
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. February 20, 2011

hahaha 4 more unannounced libre ng libre days!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hot, Hotter, Hottest Day!

I wanna munch on ice cubes! What the heck is happening to the weather? Minsan maulan, minsan maaraw?
TUESDAY - SUNNY and extremely HOT

My sweat's oozing everywhere: scalp, armpits, face,... my whole body!
Ahh! I hate it when the stoopid weather keeps on changing to my undesired weather of the day.

For breakfast I had this...

Tuna Paella as introduced by Carmine

San Marino's Tuna Paella is heaven! I never really liked paella but after having this, my world changed. This is one heck of a yummy treat from San Marino.

Anyways, back to the friggin' Hot weather. Arg, to make matters worse, there's a blackout around UPLB campus. Yes, the infamous brown outs of UPLB strikes again.

Me, only aided with an umbrella and a handkerchief, almost died of this intense heat that was intensified by boredom as I only had one proper class: EnSC 11.

MATH 38 and SOSC 3 = Busted. Lecture Halls are pretty much useless to tech-y teachers.

 Ands so the struggle to find enlightenment from this hot weather is still ongoing.

Come Thursday, I have an exam in ChE 31. It's an open notes exam. Heck, because of this, I'm expecting a sooper difficult exam. Damn. Gotta review now.

"Eat Something Sour When You're Tired"

EnSC 11's a pain in the butt - my groupsmates that is...

I wanna kick their ef**** asses! Grr!!! I have to rewrite my OWN answers to the SUPPOSED to be PROBLEM SET yet half of them didn't show up during the pre-set meetings!!! I really hate it when people, like them, doesn't care a bit about a GROUP WORK. And so, I decided to go indi. Not just now, but also for the following problem sets. I realized that I can actually do this without much help from anyone but myself... and SOME TRUSTED FRIENDS.


Badtrip lang kasi eh... Because of that, I've been munching on this baby while I'm rewriting my answers...

Chocolates... I'm Guilty.
kasalanan nila kung bakit ako tumataba! Hmf! Now that's entirely another story. Nakakastress lang. After finishing the paper for ALMOST 2 HOURS, natulog ako. Paggising ko, awww!!! My head... ack!... it hurts!!! Major Pain!!!

Worse thing to follow? It's my EnSC 11 exam that night! No! I can't take the exam feeling like this! Then I remembered my cousin Joy who used a salonpas to ease the head ache. Ahhh... Thank God for Salonpas!


Ah... all the advance reviewing paid off.

I'm sooper expecting a passing score in this one... better, a score fitting in the Top 10 of the class. That'd be good!

Done with EnSC 11, ChE 31 be ready!

"There is Butt a Fine Line Between Resistance and Stubbornness"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday, Birthdays, and MORE Birthdays!!!

Mga magbi-birthday na relatives ko:
1. Mama - February 10
2. Paul John - February 10
3. Kristel - February 10

Sabay sabay pa eh =D

Anyways, I still have to review! Ack! I have to have a passing score in the second exam in EnSC 11... or else, I have to take the Final Exam which, apparently, SUCKS to the max.

[x] Free Body Diagram
[x] Solving for Supports
[x] Truss Analysis
[x] Frame Analysis
[ ] Machine Analysis

Hahaha! Beat that! I know there are other people out there, playing Ragnarok Online, still not done <or yet, started> reviewing.

Don't ask me later to give you the initiative of reviewing. I gave you enough.

"Eat Something Sour When You're Tired"

Libre nang Libre Day - Last Day ft. Benjie Natividad

"Pero hindi engrande... Grabe ndi ako ganun kayaman."
Every semester meron akong sine-set (more of randomization) na particular date when I treat my friends out wherever they want to.

The LIBRE nang LIBRE WEEK - 7 days (not consecutive) of Libre. Exclusively for my friends. Outsiders, strictly not allowed.

Come second semester, this event usually happens around UPLB's Feb Fair or my Birthday Week. Yeah, I'm turning 18 this upcoming 17. I'm getting old na - legal na rin! LEGAL = pwedeng Bad thing or good thing.

1. February 5, 2011
2. TBA
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. February 20, 2011

As you can see, the first 6 days are yet to be decided and the last day of the event, on February 20, will be a birthday celebration; Pero hindi engrande... Grabe ndi ako ganun kayaman.

Kanina natapos na rin ang unang day ng libre ng libre week. Kasama ko si Edward... nag-Mcdo kami after namin mag-library. Nagreview na naman ako ng Ensc 11 kasi we have an exam this Monday, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I know, 3 hours na exam!!! What the-

Sana makapasa ako =P

Ah! May funny pa pala akong story...
Kanina, kagigising ni Benjie. Tapos, uhaw na uhaw siya. <Last night me iniinum siyang bottled juice. Then, nakalimutan niyang isara yung bottle and merun pa yung laman.> Ininum nya yung juice dun sa me bottle. Sa huling lunok niya, me napansin siyang something sa juice - me LANGAW NA GUMAGALAW!!!'


Ndi lang yun, me mga langgam pa!!! Ang yucky lang!!! SOBRA!!!


Latest picture with my friends... Taken at BioSci Bldg. Artistic (Sayet-tistic) Shot credited to Krizzia.
Vain ka Krizzia, Vain!!! Hahaha Jowk.

From Left to Right: Christine, Jerome, Carmine, and Me!!!
Yung bag sa gitna namin represents Krizzia =P

Currently listening to Kalafina.
I'm loving their newest single Magia!!! Ang cute din nun Live version ng Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa!!!
Pure Love!!! FTW!

"A woman's best make up is her smile."

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Day... Almost! ft. Funny Lorenz Guya Story

If not for SOSC 3, I don't have any classes for today.
We didn't have a lecture but we had a group discussion (my group's name is Freudian-din kasi me Freudian na sa kabilang group.)


Pagkatapos nun, sinamahan ko si Nina sa Math Bldg. para magpasa ng kanyang take-home exam sa MATH38 (how i wish me ganun din kame, albeit madali lang naman kasi ang mga exams ni Ma'am C****o.)

Uwian na... okay, pumasok ako ng 11:30 am at natapos ng 1:00 pm... hayzzz... almost 2 hours inside UPLB.

Why not make it that the Palarong UPLB, week-long celebration, should be a no-class week? Argg...

Here I am browsing some random page around the internet.

Just now, something UNEXPECTED happened. Guya, my (not-so-mute) roommate's sleeping early?! WTF! I know! He usually sleeps around 2 in the morning. Surprising.
(kasi naman kanina, 7:00 am pla ang first class niya - TAKENOTE na CHEM 32 lab yun - eh nagising na sya eh 9:00 am)

Poor Guya, but oh well. nakakatawa lang tlaga =P He was cursing the whole world - he missed two exercise!!!

Happy Chinese New year ulit!
Oh, nga pala. Si Nina, sabi niya malas daw mga rooster ngayong year of the rabbit. O.o?!

P.S. Edward, salamat sa baller!!! I'll pay you tomo or else isauli mo na yan. Jowk.

"If You Stop and Think About It, Your Life's a Lot Longer As an Old Guy Than a Kid!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year! - Year of the Rabbit, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
I'm not even aware it's on tomorrow, but oh well, my ENG 1 teacher's very enthusiastic 'bout this. Ma'am R*****o, wearing RED BLOUSE, RED BAG, fiery RED LIPSTICK, RED SHOES, even if she's not feeling well, she decided to meet us (and even bring her laptop which is also RED). She said, in spite of being a Catholic, her family practices some Chinese rituals during Chinese New Year; she shared some of her rituals and insisted that we should try it too. We're supposed to watch (or listen) to a video (or a voice record) and take down notes (as an exercise in LISTENING) but due to the infamous UPLB power shut-down, the plan went to waste. 
Red Color and Money Money Money!!!
The power returned after my CHEM 160 class. Phew~ <stressed on AFTER> Ma'am L*******a doesn't [EVEN] want to waste the lecture time. Instead, she told us to open the blinds and insisted on continuing our lesson in... ELECTRON TRANSPORT SYSTEM. And yes, she dismissed us sooper late; I was 5 minutes late in my MATH 38 recitation.

Phew~ MATH 38 exercise, sisiw! chicken! pinakbet!
Hazel, my seatmate, asked me to accompany her to buy a birthday gift for his roommate (luck roommate, huh?) She bought these two sooper cute gothic dolls (costs PhP 135 each). I'm also gonna buy some of these for my cousin Joy and little sister Chamme... IF I'VE GOT THE dong =P

I'm done with my subjects for the day!!! Due to the Palarong UPLB event, my EnSC 11 and MATH 38 classes tomorrow were cancelled. One outliar: SOSC 3 Recit.

Whoo... Can't wait for Friday!!! MWAH!!!
Sana dumami ang pera ko ngayong new year =P

"The Act of Polishing a Urinal is Like the Act of Polishing One's Heart"