Thursday, January 27, 2011

Planning to review in advance?

ChE 31 Midterm exam's still two weeks away - my professor decided to give it before the Feb Fair. The exam covers 7 lectures... argh.
3 of 7 lecture handouts
 Have to review in advance because I don't want to fail it - according to some teachers, Sir B*****e's exams are quite difficult and nausea-inducing. 

Tomorrow, Krizzia Lynne and I, we're going to  the library. Hence, a good time to put my plan into action; I hope my laziness will not overcome my conviction... ToT

I also have an exam on SOSC 3 this upcoming Tuesday. SOSC 3 with B******n is no FUN. (I'm envious of those who have SOSC 3 without B******n.)


Just now, our CHEM 160 teacher announced that our 2nd exam will be held on February 17. Speaking of exams coinciding with my birthday, I know right? Ma'am L*******a, please be nice to me. Thanks!

"Why is the Sea So Salty? Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming!"

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