Sunday, January 30, 2011

Funny Excerpts #2

While reading the credits in a scanlation, I stumbled upon this sooper funny picture of...

...a banana flashing.

Ang funny lang harharhar!

Ballad moments ako ngayong umaga... currently listening to
   Akatsuki no Kuruma - FictionJunction YUUKA (correct me if it's wrong to categorizing it as a ballad) 
   Kaze no Machi he - FictionJunction KEIKO
   Calling - Kaori Oda

I still have to finish... err, start... my take home quiz in EnSC 11. Srsly, anghirap niya and I don't think I can finish it today - am gonna need help from: Edward!!!

Tis afternoon, magkikita kami ni Carmine - hiramin niya article bout Philippine Reproductive Health Bill - para gumastos na rin =P

Done reviewing SOSC 3 kagabi, around 11:30 pm ata yun?

"Once you've chosen a dish, you can't give it back"

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