Friday, January 28, 2011

Crazy Library Adventure!

Like any RPG game, you have to acquire some important items before achieving your goal, right? Apparently, we're the worst heroes ever to befall in an RPG-like situation.

1. Txt-ed Krizzia to meet me at Demarces.
2. Looked at the time and it's already late ---> Txt-ed Krizzia to meet somewhere else near the library.
3. After 5 minutes, remembered that I still have to print my lecture handouts.
4. Txt-ed Krizzia to wait for awhile before going to the said place.
5. Looked over the place for my USB ---> nowhere to be found ---> used a memory card.
6. Rendezvous with Krizzia.
7. Printed my handouts ---> instructed the "kuya" of the computer shop ---> blah blah blah with Krizzia
8. During blah blah blah, remembered to ask Krizzia for her Internet Card (the card used in the library to access the internet) ---> she forgot where she put it ---> asked me for my internet card.
9. Duh?! You didn't tell me to bring it! ---> complain complain ---> got the handouts from "kuya"
10. Went back to my apartment ---> got my internet card ---> ate lunch (COMBO MEAL sa Melville's!"
11. Jeep to library ---> napatid pa ako, grabe! (at tinawanan ako nung bata)
12. LIBRARY!!! at pagod na pagod ako.

All my efforts, uh... WASTED!!!
The library's wifi isn't working! The hell! So much time and energy... I wanna explode!

The library reeks of old books.

And then there's the giggling and kulitan... Ang sarap asarin ni Krizzia pero angsakit ng mga suntok at kurot niya.

She's doing her LRP kasi and she lacks 16 more reference books. Poor (Poor x infinity) Krizzia. ENG 2's a hell lot of work. Good thing I'm done with it last year =D

Go Krizzia! Kaya mu yan, sayit!!!

Taking a break, I'm playing Kirby: Squeak Squad in my NDSi and I'm already at the final boss!!!

We left around 1:30 pm. We snooped around BioSci Building for awhile.
Oh, I finished... only the lecture 1 for ChE 31.

FTW!!! I managed to convince Krizzia to treat me!!! (with ice scramble; cheap but much thanks Krizzia!)
Andami ko kayang nakita 100 bills sa purse mo, hehehehe!

Next, to review SOSC 3... tomorrow =P

P.S. Carmine maiingit ka, nilibre ako ni Krizzia!!! Go palibre ka na rin. Expecting pasalubong from your HUM 1 fieldtrip!

"Save the XX games until after you're twenty."

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